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Drowning in Debt & Don’t Know What to Do?

If I could chose one or two phrases that I hear most often, I would have to say that these are the two winners.

“Rick, I hate the thought of filing bankruptcy, but I am just drowning in debt.  I don’t know what to do.”

I hear it every day.

Sure, it’s no fun, but finding out what your options are, especially if you are facing a lawsuit or garnishment, is important. Most people have more options than they know.  In fact, most folks are pleasantly surprised to learn that they can discharge all of the debt that they cannot afford to pay, which leaves the money needed for living expenses and paying for what they need to keep.

This is a really startling realization for most.  Because they have been told all their lives that bankruptcy was bad.  It signifies failure, and means that they must have done something wrong.  Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact there are so many myths about filing bankruptcy that I continue to be amazed at the misinformation that continues to keep people from even exploring all of the ways they can deal with what they think is impossible debt.  If this describes you, then you owe it to yourself to spend some time reading this website, and watching the videos (there are even more on – just visit channel rewlaw195 for all the videos).

You have more options than you probably know.  And your journey out of debt can begin here!


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  • overall Excellent
    Rick was very welcoming when I went to see him. THis is difficult situation and hard to deal with but Rick made me feel comfortable and I am glad that i went through with this. My finances are now in better shape and my paralegal Doreen was very supportive, quick responses and I felt very personally connected to the firm. I did not feel like "a number." I am satisfied that this was the best choice I could have made.Jessica Grant

  • overall Excellent
    I always got a response to all of my questions. I always felt like they were on my side, had my best interests at heart. I've always felt like I was respected and treated as an individual. I was well treated and felt good about my accomplishment. Its a much better situation now for me. Jane Johnson

  • overall Excellent
    Going through financial difficulties can be an emotionally challenging experience, needless to say, and something we wished we could have avoided. We didn't even know that there were other options besides bankruptcy until we met with Richard West. He listened to our unique situation and advised us wisely. He and his team, with their professionalism, knowledge, and thoughtfulness, made it so much easier for us. They were always there to answer any and all our of questions and treated us with total respect as we went through the process. We could not have imagined going through this without them! THANK YOU, Mr. West and Team!!! Teresa Mozena

  • overall Excellent
    I hired Rick West after the bankruptcy attorney I selected at first screwed up my case. Rick was able to fix the mistakes he made, and secured for me an amazing result - better than I imagined would be possible. His work was top notch all the way, and I knew that he really cared about me and getting the best result for me that was possible - he did a fantastic job. Actually, this is an understatement, I am, of course, happy that this is behind me and I am rebuilding but I feel fortunate to have found an attorney who has really restored my faith in attorneys. lisa marsh

  • overall Excellent
    Everyone has been very helpful, they really have my interests first, and take care of what I need. They make me feel good about this process. This is important to me. I had never been through this and it was very helpful to have their support. Nick Smith