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Drowning in Debt & Don’t Know What to Do?

If I could chose one or two phrases that I hear most often, I would have to say that these are the two winners.

“Rick, I hate the thought of filing bankruptcy, but I am just drowning in debt.  I don’t know what to do.”

I hear it every day.

Sure, it’s no fun, but finding out what your options are, especially if you are facing a lawsuit or garnishment, is important. Most people have more options than they know.  In fact, most folks are pleasantly surprised to learn that they can discharge all of the debt that they cannot afford to pay, which leaves the money needed for living expenses and paying for what they need to keep.

This is a really startling realization for most.  Because they have been told all their lives that bankruptcy was bad.  It signifies failure, and means that they must have done something wrong.  Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact there are so many myths about filing bankruptcy that I continue to be amazed at the misinformation that continues to keep people from even exploring all of the ways they can deal with what they think is impossible debt.  If this describes you, then you owe it to yourself to spend some time reading this website, and watching the videos (there are even more on – just visit channel rewlaw195 for all the videos).

You have more options than you probably know.  And your journey out of debt can begin here!


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    I wish I could give Mr. West, and his awesome staff, TEN stars. Thank you for all of your help! I have good credit again and I got to keep my car. Thank you!guidedbyravens

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    Mr. West has been wonderful since the first time I talked to him on the phone. He was understanding, and helped make our difficult bankruptcy easier. He took our case on, when no one else would even return my phone calls. And I liked that I talked to him personally on the phone, even before he agreed to take the case. Mr. West and his staff are always on hand to answer any and all questions that I have. And sometimes they even go out of their way to find out the answers, or just to alleviate my concerns. They continually give me updates on any and all correspondences pertaining to my case. I would highly recommend Mr. West to anyone.Becca Alfred

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    My husband Richard and I met with Richard West to start a Chapter 13 bankruptcy today, and despite our embarrassment with regards to our finances, Mr. West made us feel comfortable. Mr. West was courteous, kind and professional and answered all of our questions. He not only discussed the process of filing, but also the process of rebuilding our credit afterwards. The office staff treated us respectfully and were extremely helpful and professional. I would highly recommend this law office to anyone considering bankruptcy.Kristi Estep

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    I had received a forclosure notice on a house that my ex-husbaned and I own. I have not lived in the house since 2004 and thought that my ex-husband had refinaced the house and got it out of my name. So to my surprise I received the court notice about the forclosure. I have been stressed to the max and worried about a judgement being placed on me. I heard of a law firm that could help with my problem so I made an appointment. Mr. West explained to me that the mortgage company was not pursuing me for any type of judgement and that I would not have to worry about any type of garnishment. I am so happy that I made the appointment. At the end of the appointment I was expecting to pay him for his time but there was no charge. I couldn't believe it! I highly recommend Richard West Law Office!Regina Prater