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If I declare bankruptcy, can I lose my house?

While it is possible to lose your house in a bankruptcy, This generally does not happen if you use a bankruptcy attorney, and unless this is the desired result. Most people in both chapter 7 and chapter 13 keep their homes if that’s what they want to do. With the declining real estate values that we’re seeing in our current economy, there are a number of people who could keep their homes but decide that is not in their best interest to do so. Therefore, is not a function of the bankruptcy that causes the consumer to leave the house behind and let it go back to the bank, but rather it is the choice of the consumer.


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    I had received a forclosure notice on a house that my ex-husbaned and I own. I have not lived in the house since 2004 and thought that my ex-husband had refinaced the house and got it out of my name. So to my surprise I received the court notice about the forclosure. I have been stressed to the max and worried about a judgement being placed on me. I heard of a law firm that could help with my problem so I made an appointment. Mr. West explained to me that the mortgage company was not pursuing me for any type of judgement and that I would not have to worry about any type of garnishment. I am so happy that I made the appointment. At the end of the appointment I was expecting to pay him for his time but there was no charge. I couldn't believe it! I highly recommend Richard West Law Office!Regina Prater