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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Income Influences In Bankruptcy

January 30, 2013 | Posted in Filing Bankruptcy

The bankruptcy process is heavily rule governed,  meaning it has many strict guidelines that it adheres to for managing cases. While these guidelines are  meant to protect both the system and the consumer, the regulations it imposes are important for how your case could be handled in the court. Important Issues When you file for […]

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Atari Game Maker Files For Bankruptcy

January 28, 2013 | Posted in News

Atari was one of the first, big names in the video game entertainment industry. After taking a back seat to several other game consoles over the last thirty years, Atari has decided to part ways from its parent company by making a unique exit strategy. Separate Missions Atari was founded in 1972 and instantly became […]

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Considerations After Bankruptcy

January 25, 2013 | Posted in Bankruptcy

The Dayton bankruptcy process is a tool for a fresh start. Although many people may feel overwhelmed before their case filing, it isn’t uncommon for others to feel lost after their debts are discharged. The best way to take advantage of your new financial path is to have a plan for your future. Bouncing Back […]

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Understanding Common Bankruptcy Terms

January 23, 2013 | Posted in Filing Bankruptcy

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy there are some things you can do to make sure the process is as smooth as possible. The first place to start is getting to know some of the common terms involved in the process and what they mean to your case. Bankruptcy petition– This is a legal […]

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HMV Music Retailer Files For Bankruptcy

January 21, 2013 | Posted in News

After one of the most popular international locations of Virgin Megastore filed for bankruptcy last week, another European-based music retailer is following suit. British retail chain HMV has entered the country’s equivalent of the bankruptcy process to help resolve its financial troubles. Meager Music Sales Financial troubles have extended around the globe, as the economy […]

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Important Limitations In Bankruptcy

January 18, 2013 | Posted in Filing Bankruptcy

In order to prevent abuse of the bankruptcy system there are some strict rules and requirements that guide the process. Many of these restrictions have very little effect on the common debtor, but understanding some of the basics about what you might face could put you ahead of the game when you file. Reviewing The […]

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Questions To Ask Your Bankruptcy Attorney

January 16, 2013 | Posted in Debt

If you are in need of debt relief, you may have been thinking about filing for bankruptcy. While this can be a great choice for you, it is important that you seek guidance through this process. Having an experienced Dayton bankruptcy attorney assist in your case can provide you with a source of counsel and […]

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Ohio Signs First Asbestos Bankruptcy Trust Bill

January 14, 2013 | Posted in News

Over the years, many companies have filed for bankruptcy due to the overwhelming costs of litigation from asbestos victims. With so many lawsuits surrounding companies who manufactured products containing asbestos, large fund accounts were set up to compensate victims for their medical conditions. These asbestos bankruptcy trusts have helped several companies reorganize in Chapter 11 […]

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Why Credit Counseling Is Important

January 11, 2013 | Posted in Credit Counseling

Anyone filing for bankruptcy will be required to complete a number of steps before their debts can be discharged, one of which is to complete a credit counseling course. These courses offer a number of benefits and are important for the outcome of your case. An Inside Look Inside a bankruptcy case, the credit counseling […]

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Handling Credit Concerns After Bankruptcy

January 9, 2013 | Posted in Credit

For many people, the Dayton bankruptcy process can seem intimidating and even scary. One major concern people often have in filing for bankruptcy is their credit. The good news is that bankruptcy does not damage your credit, but missed payments and delinquent accounts do. Get to know a little bit about how your credit score […]

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