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The $99.00 Dollar Solution

For as little as $99 per month – and in only 41 months – you could be debt free.

We offer a “No Money Down” credit card bankruptcy plan.

This plan will wipe out all your credit card debt for only $99 per month and you could be debt free in as little as 41 months.

Can I really wipe out all my credit card debts for only $99 per month?

You can, if you qualify.

Pay only court costs – as little as $390.

All legal fees are part of your $99 payment  After 41 months, you are debt free!

How do I qualify for the $99 plan?

Check MarkYour average gross income must be under the threshold limit set by law.
Check MarkYour expenses take up most of your income.
Check MarkYou have not filed a bankruptcy in the last 4 years.

These are the main qualifications, there may be others that apply to you.

What if I have a car or house? Will I lose them in your $99 plan?


In fact, with this plan, you could actually pay LESS for your car, or home, than you’re paying now.

I can put your car in this plan, and often reduce your monthly payment.

I can sometimes  wipe out second mortgages on your home, too.

Your car payment will be put in the plan, and added to the $99 you pay on the credit cards.

If you are current on your house payments, then it is not included in the plan.

If you are behind on your house payments, we can “catch up” the missed payments in the plan.

What’s the catch?

You may be wondering what’s the catch?

Surprise!  There is no catch.


There isn’t one.

But, this powerful program is almost like a “well-kept secret.”

Smart, educated consumers experiencing financial stress are enjoying freedom from overwhelming credit card debt every day by using this powerful federal law program.

Chapter 13 is a powerful tool to wipe out debts, including credit card debts – and spread your legal costs out over 41 months.

Chapter 13 may be a good way to let you pay your legal fees “in the plan” and accomplish your financial recovery.  However, there needs to be a good reason in addition to financing your legal fees for most courts to approve this kind of chapter 13.

If you qualify for this program, you could pay only the costs of filing, as little as $390, and then just $99 per month for 41 months.  This pays a very small amount to your creditors (it’s a payment based on what you can afford – after you pay your living expenses) and stretches out your legal fees, and represents your “best effort” to make payments on  your credit card debt.  After 41 months, your plan will be over, and you will have rebuilt your credit!

You’ll be debt free and have a good credit score as well!

And isn’t that what you need?

Imagine how you’ll feel without all your credit card bills, and the stress that goes along with it!  Once you put all your bills in this program, you’ll breathe a lot easier.

Call for more information about our $99 credit card chapter 13 bankruptcy plan.

Check MarkThe call is free.

Check MarkThere’s no obligation.

Check MarkJust good information.

And a plan to be debt free faster than you imagined possible.

And I’ll help you rebuild your credit at the same time.