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Ohio Debt Relief, Credit Counseling & Bankruptcy Attorney

Don’t spend another day drowning in debt.

For over 30 years, West Law Office has helped over 20,000 clients get their lives back.

We are the debt and credit authority in Southern Ohio.

Just check out our HUNDREDS of google reviews.

We have a unique approach to help you find the right plan for your needs.

No other law firm offers this powerful program.


Since 1986, thousands have trusted us to get the results they wanted.

We evaluate all of your options, not just bankruptcy options.

(Sometimes, bankruptcy is the wrong approach!)

Only West Law Office has a team of attorneys, certified debt arbitrators and certified credit counselors to fully evaluate and compare ALL options, both bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy.

We’ll tell you NOT to file bankruptcy if it’s not the best fit for you – we’ll refer you to one of our trusted resources for non-bankruptcy options.

We help you weigh the pros and cons of each option.

This is not as simple as some think – often we find creative solutions that other law firms overlook.  That’s because Rick is a true, board certified consumer bankruptcy specialist, one of only 10 in the entire State of Ohio.

We create a customized, step by step plan to help you achieve your goals.

Then, we help you turn that plan into your new financial future.

If we accept you as a client, you’ll have the help of the largest staff of dedicated debt relief professionals in the State of Ohio.

But . . . debt relief is just the beginning!

There’s more to a financial recovery than just dealing with your debts.

We help you recover your credit as well.

And, even more . . .

Part of credit recovery is making sure your discharged debts are properly reported as discharged on your credit report.

Credit reporting errors can kill your score!

We’ll help make sure your credit report is accurate, and, if needed, we will sue to make sure your report is accurate (and we ask the court to make the creditors pay for it!).


Don’t settle for just a bankruptcy discharge – and not a full financial recovery!

Do what over 20,000 of our successful clients have already done –

Get your life back.

Keep your property.

Rebuild good credit.

You could spend weeks talking to credit counselors, debt management companies, and different attorneys.

And even if you did, you still wouldn’t know the best option for your needs.


None of them will be able to truly compare their plan to the others, because they are not trained and certified in the options they DON’T offer.

Don’t waste your time and effort.

Schedule a free consultation with us.

We ARE trained and certified in ALL debt relief options.

So we CAN help you compare them all.

So you’ll be confident that you have the RIGHT strategy to:

  • get you out of debt,
  • keep your property, and
  • recover good credit.

Here’s your plan for a Better Financial Future

  1. First, call us for a free consultation.

We’ll meet with you in person, in one of our several dedicated office locations (not a “rent by the hour” Regus office like some firms use).

  1. You’ll explain your situation . . . tell us your problems, and your goals. We take the time to listen, and think about what’s best for you.
  2. We’ll prepare a customized solution for you, based on years of experience solving the exact kind of problem you probably have.

We’ve seen nearly every situation imaginable.

Chances are good we have solved your exact problem thousands of times.

If we accept you as a client, we’ll begin working on your financial recovery from the very first call, and you’ll be able to immediately refer your creditor calls to us.

Your Payment Plan – on Your Budget – No Money Down Needed

We offer payment plans for our services.

We’ll create a customized payment plan specifically for you.

Working with you, we’ll get you filed as soon as possible, and we can even start working for you for NO MONEY DOWN.

From the minute you become our client, we take all your creditor calls.

We’ll talk to your creditors and bill collectors, so you won’t have to.

Right from the start, you’ll begin to experience relief from your creditors, and have the peace of mind that comes knowing your case is being handled by the firm more people in Southern Ohio trust, year after year, to help them get more than just a bankruptcy discharge, they get a full financial recovery, including recovered credit.

Bankruptcy Options

 Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – a simple, powerful remedy. 

Is this you?

  • Your situation is basic (or so you think . . . sometimes seemingly minor facts have major consequences).
  • Your household income is under the median income level.  (for current information, check )
  • You are not behind in your house and car payments, at least if you want to keep the house and car.
  • Your debts are mainly credit card, personal loans, medical or other unsecured debts.
  • You realistically cannot pay your debt totally off in 3 years without sacrificing your standard of living

If this is your situation, then Chapter 7 may be the best choice to begin your financial recovery.

Chapter 7 Essential Information

Start to finish time is about 5 months.

No courtroom hearing – just a 5 minute meeting with a trustee to review your petition (don’t worry, we’re right by your side)

You don’t lose property, despite what you read about chapter 7 being a “liquidation bankruptcy.”

(for the truth about keeping your property in chapter 7, see Ultimate Guide to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy)

Will stay on your credit report for 10 years – but my clients typically have credit scores of 650 – 700 with my unique credit recovery program, included at no extra cost for all my clients.  I have hundreds, perhaps thousands, of clients who buy cars and homes with their credit report still reflecting their   bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 – More powerful, flexible than most (even many attorneys) know

Is this you?

  • You are fortunate enough to have enough income to pay some (not necessarily all – most of my plans pay only 1 cent on the dollar) of your debts.
  • You are behind in your house payments, and want to keep your home.
  • You are behind on your car payments and want to keep your car.
  • You have a high interest rate on your car, and want to lower it to about 6% (this alone could save you thousands of dollars)
  • You fail the means test but still need to discharge as much debt as you can (sometimes 99% of it, about like a chapter 7, actually)
  • You have filed a prior bankruptcy.
  • Your car is worth significantly less than  what you owe on it, but want to keep it – a “cram down” in chapter 13 lets you only pay the value of the car, and then you can treat the amount you owe in excess of the value like an ordinary unsecured debt, sometimes as little as a penny on the dollar.
  • You prefer to reorganize your debt in a plan that keeps all your property, perhaps paying less than you owe on it, pays only what you can afford to your credit card, medical bills and other unsecured debts.
  • You want to be debt free in 3 to 5 years, and, with my program, you will rebuild your credit even before your plan is finished.

Chapter 13 is most powerful, flexible debt relief program that exists. 

Many people who file chapter 7, mistakenly thinking that it’s somehow “better than chapter 13” are “leaving money on the table” and NOT getting the maximum debt relief possible because they (or their attorney) don’t understand how chapter 13 works.

Sadly, some attorneys simply don’t take the time to compare the benefits that chapter 13 offers that cannot be achieved with chapter 7.

So, assuming that you qualify for chapter 7, you owe it to yourself to compare the results that chapter 13 would offer.

Non-Bankruptcy Debt Relief Options

Debt Management Plans

Debt management plans often promise to get you out of debt in 3 to 5 years.

Often that is not possible with a debt management plan.

As a certified debt arbitrator, I know that for some people, a debt management plan is a good choice.

However, as a Board Certified bankruptcy specialist I sadly see too many families lose years of their lives, thousands of dollars, even lose their homes, in failed debt management plans.

Often, when I meet these families, serious damage has been done.

Not all creditors will participate in a debt management plan.

It’s totally voluntary.

Some refuse.

Some creditors prefer to sue you – even if they can’t collect, and the judgment sits on your credit report, doing long-term damage and keeping you from ever getting ahead.

Debt management plans cannot represent their clients in court, they are no help when you get sued.

Often, that’s when I get involved.

And, when I review the situation, i see that most of these families should never have been in these plans in the first place.

So, are debt management plans a good idea?

For some situations, yes, absolutely.

I actually recommend them sometimes.

After all, I am a certified debt arbitrator.

I have negotiated hundreds of thousands in debts, outside of bankruptcy.

The problem is that debt management plans are not bankruptcy attorneys and cannot evaluate bankruptcy options.

They only know what they sell, and they often recommend debt management when a bankruptcy is clearly what is needed.

Your problems are serious.

You need a seasoned, experienced professional, trained and certified with decades of experience solving exactly the problems you have.

You are not alone.

We can help.

Join the thousands of successful clients we have helped since 1986, to wipe out debt, keep property, and quickly improve your credit.

The consultation is free.

The peace of mind you’ll have after meeting with us is priceless.

Nearly everyone tells me that they’ll get the first good night’s sleep they’ve had in months.

Don’t spend another day in debt.

The answers you need are here.


Call us at (937) 748-1749 for a free consultation the firm more people choose than any other in Southern Ohio.