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Bankruptcy attorney in Dayton Ohio?

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Bankruptcy attorney in Dayton Ohio?

You need help. You want the best results. How do you decide who to trust?
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“Best” means different things to different people.  The best bankruptcy attorney in Dayton Ohio for one person may not be what’s “best” for someone else. But, there ARE standards, guidelines, you can use to compare attorneys and make the job of selecting the one that’s “best” for you a lot easier. I’ll give you my “expert’s insider tips” on how to pick the best bankruptcy attorney in Dayton Ohio for your needs (and – it may not be me!).

This article, and the easy to use “cheat-sheet” you can download at the end  will make your job much, much easier, and give you a clear picture of how the different Dayton bankruptcy attorneys “measure up” against each other.

Then, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call your top picks, interview them, and your job is done!   This “cheat-sheet” will make your decision a lot easier and reduce the time you spend in the process of investigation and evaluation of the right professional for your situation.


How to “scope out” the best bankruptcy attorney (without leaving your living room)

Step One:   Google “Bankruptcy Attorney Dayton Ohio.”

What do you see?

The answer will depend, in part, on where you are physically located.  Google knows where you are, based on your computer’s IP address, so it will try to show you relevant answers.  That’s why you want to type in “Bankruptcy Attorney Dayton Ohio” for your search.  (Unless you were interested in a different location, for example, “Bankruptcy Attorney Miamisburg Ohio”)

You can ignore the ads at the top.  Focus on the location – google maps – results to get an idea of who is near you.  But remember!  The best Dayton bankruptcy attorney for you may NOT be the one closed to you.  For something this important, you should be willing to look beyond those bankruptcy attorneys who are nearby.  You’ll probably only file once, so be willing to drive a bit further – if need be – to get the help you need.   There is a reason people from all over the world travel to the Cleveland Clinic when they are really sick.

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Then, under the map section, look for the actual law firms.  Disregard the “Legal Directory” entries, because that’s just paid advertising.

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With so many websites on the internet, how do you know what to focus on, and what do you ignore?

I’ll tell you – and this will save you a TON of time!  As a 30+ year veteran of debt relief, I know who’s good, and who’s not, and can help you zoom in on the things you need to pay attention to.

Of course, you need to make the ultimate decision, but here’s what you can do to make it easier for you to get the right match for your needs, and keep from making the wrong choice.

First,  it’s important to recognize what’s “best” for one person is not what’s “best” for another, so, we’ll focus this article on how to help you determine categories or factors in a kind of checklist fashion.  This will help you to compare each attorney against the others.


How to compare Dayton Ohio Bankruptcy Attorneys

Here is a chart showing the number of cases filed by the top ten law firms in the Southern District of Ohio in 2015.

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The number of cases filed is a direct reflection of how the community views the law firm, and how many people trust that firm to solve their problems. These are the “votes that count” because these people actually met with, interviewed and decided to retain the attorney.

But, is that the whole story?  No! Not by a long shot.

Remember, the “best” attorney for one person is not necessarily the “best” for someone else.   The number of cases filed is only one piece of a bigger picture.  You need to keep digging, or, clicking, for the rest of the story.


Number of reviews, recommendations and complaints 

Whenever I need to hire a contractor, want to find new dentist, or am buying anything worth more than a couple of dollars, I try to get as much information as I can before making the choice.  Often, I go on the internet to look for reviews.  That’s a good idea, and you can (and should) do the same when selecting a Dayton bankruptcy attorney.

Personal referrals are great, when you can get them.  But often, especially when you are looking for a bankruptcy attorney, you will feel more comfortable searching the internet, and not asking your brother or cousin who they used to file their bankruptcy case.

Reading internet reviews is the next best thing to asking your Dad!  Google reviews, BBB reviews and other, actual reviews by clients (not what the attorneys tell you about themselves), tell you what kind of experience others had, and you could expect, if you hired that lawyer. So, the more reviews you see, the more confident you can be in the kind of work the attorney typically does for his clients.

Here’s how the Bankruptcy Attorneys in Dayton Ohio currently rank

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Important Note!

Most people don’t bother to leave reviews at all!

Even if they have a good experience, or even if they have a bad experience. So, for a review to even appear, the service or experience needs to be remarkably good, or remarkably bad.

If an attorney has no reviews, or a small number of reviews, this probably means that the service is nothing special, not particularly good or bad, or it could be that the attorney doesn’t serve many clients, since it generally takes a large number of clients to get any reviews at all. That’s why the number of clients needs to be taken into consideration along with the number of reviews.


The Attorney’s Website – A peek into what the attorney is really thinking!

Today – more than ever – the website is the “showcase” of the attorney’s practice. What you see on the website is often a true reflection of how that attorney views his practice, his clients, his role in helping you achieve your financial reorganization, and more.

This is almost like having the attorney give you the results of his personality test.

It’s like reading his body language, only easier.

It’s like meeting the attorney, without ever having to go to his office.


It tells more about the lawyer than even most lawyers suspect.

The website is a mirror, an insight into the the attorney’s perspective and personality.

This is incredibly valuable to you.  Take extra time to really go through the entire website.  Those pages did not just appear by themselves.  The attorney had to approve every single one of them.

First, and foremost, where did the information in the site come from?

Who wrote the site?

Can you tell?

Look at the bottom of the home page.

Is it a Findlaw site (a legal directory) ?

Did Hibu (phone company) do it?

Can you even tell?


Website Content – Helpful Information, or just “Boilerplate”

The true purpose of the website is actually pretty obvious if you study it a bit.

Is the attorney trying to be helpful, and answer your questions,

or, he is just trying to get you to hire him?

Is the site full of useful information?

Does it educate you on your options and choices?

Or is it “purely advertising” designed only to try to get you to call his office?

Does the “personality” of the attorney come through?

Or, is the site so bland, and generic, and – well – boilerplate – (lawyers like boilerplate, you know ) that it looks like a dozen other Dayton Ohio bankruptcy attorney sites.

You know what I mean.

They are so similar that you could remove the name and they all would read about the same.

This is important.

You are going to put your trust in this attorney.

Your finances.

Your future!

Ask yourself, after spending some time on the website, these questions:

  1. Do I get the sense that this person is “for real?” Can I get any feel for his “authentic self?” Or is it impossible for me to tell?
  1. Is he telling the truth? Can I tell that this attorney is a “straight shooter” who will tell me my options, and what’s best for me, and not what’s best for his wallet?
  1. Is he knowledgeable and competent? After all, what do they call the doctor who graduated at the bottom of his class?  (Answer:  Doctor ______ )  Same with lawyers.    What are his certifications?  How many years in practice?  Does he specialize, or is he a “jack of all trades?” (and perhaps a master of none?)
  1. Is he out to “sell me” or find the customized solution just right for my needs? I have found that this is a real problem for most folks.  Why?  Because most attorneys are not certified credit counselors, not certified debt arbitrators.  They can’t compare non-bankruptcy options, because they are not trained and certified in them.
  1. Can I rely on this guy? What’s his track record?  How long has he been in practice?  Does he have a proven history of success?  While the number of years an attorney has been in business may not always tell the whole story, it’s a good indicator that he’s doing something right.
  1. Is he the right match for my needs, so I can fix my problem and support myself and my family? It really depends on what you want.  What’s best for one is not best for another.  If all you want is a “cheapie-quick-fix” then go for bottom-dollar, cheapest bidder legal help.

There is actually a website where attorneys bid for client cases.  I shudder to think of what happens to their clients!  If you were really ill, needed surgery or cancer treatment would you be looking for the lowest-bidder doctor to help you?


Personality – Does the attorney seem personable and friendly?

You  may think this is not possible to tell on the internet, but really you can!

Often, websites are full of “personality clues.”

You will often find the website owner’s video, personal story and “reason why we are in this business.”  They want you to get to know them.

Just like you want to get to know the attorney you are considering.

We are all curious.

We want to know who we are dealing with.

We want to know them as a person.

The website is an opportunity for the attorney to tell you his story, too.  So you should be able to get a “feel” for the kind of person he is, and if you and he will be a good fit for each other.


Does the attorney tell you about himself?

Does he really seem to understand what you are going through?

Is there empathy that you can detect from his website?

Or is it just a  “matter of fact” cut and dried, business as usual approach.

You know.

They’re all the same…

“This attorney went to some college and then graduated from some law school and then worked for a number of law firms  before working for the one he is in now.  He’s a really good attorney and does a great job for his clients, and on and on with information that is exactly the same as all the rest of the attorney websites and really doesn’t tell you anything useful …… blah blah blah and on and on……”

Sometimes, people chose a particular profession because of a personal circumstance, or family background.  My doctor became a doctor due to health issues he had as a child.  I became a bankruptcy lawyer not because my Dad was a lawyer, but due to a serious medical situation, which left me unable to work.  With no income, I was broke.  I got sued.  So I really do understand how it feels.  And, I tell you all about it on my website.  I want you to know that I really do understand how it feels.  I’ve been there.


Does the attorney seem to want to help you?

This is probably the hardest one to figure out just by looking at a website.  The reviews will help a lot, but you may only be able to get a “general feel” for this from the website.

Most of the attorney websites I see have vague and general claims, like “excellent customer service” and “we will fight for your case” and the like.

What else is new?  Yawn!  Next website.  Click… Click… Click…

You need to “read between the lines” and figure out if the attorney has a personal interest in seeing you get the very best outcome, after carefully crafting a custom-designed plan, based on a thorough analysis of your needs.

If you can’t get that sense from the website, you probably won’t get it from the attorney at the consultation.  Most attorneys will talk to you on the phone as an initial way for you both to see if it makes sense to move to the next step, the office consultation. So, before you agree to take the time to actually go to an office appointment, you should insist on a free phone consultation first.

You need to find someone you can rely on to take a personal interest in your needs. Is this attorney motivated to help you get the best result possible ?

Look for the best website, the most experience, the most cases filed, the best reviews (and most of them).

Combine all this information in the “cheat-sheet” below, and you’ll find the best Dayton bankruptcy attorney for you.

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For a form you can edit and download, you can click the following link:

Compare Bankruptcy Attorneys Chart

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