How to find a bankruptcy Attorney near you for a bankruptcy case in Dayton Ohio?

Looking for a bankruptcy attorney near me Dayton? Some bankruptcy law firms advertise in a way they hope to “get you in the door.” And touting low price is one way they do this.  If you are looking for a bankruptcy attorney near me, your search will return listings for affordable bankruptcy attorneys or $500 dollar attorneys near me. Chances are your case may not get the attention it needs. Keeping prices low comes at a cost. Just searching for bankruptcy attorney near me will get you a list of some firms, but you owe it to yourself and your future, scrutinize them out carefully. Remember, the best bankruptcy attorney for you in Dayton Ohio may NOT be near you.

If you’re searching for bankruptcy attorney near you to help you file bankruptcy or find some other way to solve your difficult financial problems you’ have lots of good company these days. But beware – you’re probably in the danger zone. I suggest you exercise caution, and be suspicious of “affordable bankruptcy attorneys” or, even worse, $500 bankruptcy attorneys. Your future financial recovery is at stake.  And, in bankruptcy, you often DON’T get a second chance.

Do you really need to claim Bankruptcy?

Determining whether or not you should file bankruptcy as a Daytonian is a hard decision. Numerous bankruptcy attorneys offer free consultations, as we do. You should interview several Dayton bankruptcy attorneys. This is a serious decision.  Ask the tough questions. See how the attorney handles your questions. And, the first tough question is this one: – Do I really need to file bankruptcy?

Excellent question. What if you shouldn’t file? What if there are more appropriate non-bankruptcy options? What does the attorney really know about these?  Probably the attorney is NOT a certified credit counselor, or a certified debt arbitrator, like Rick West. So, how will you know if this attorney can accurately compare these non-bankruptcy options?  Everyone knows that you need to evaluate ALL options or you can’t be sure if you’ve got the right answer to your situation.

If you would like to educate yourself on Bankruptcy Law visit the U.S. Bankruptcy Law site.

What should I ask my bankruptcy attorney?

  • Are Certified in Credit Counseling or other non-bankruptcy programs?You won’t find any of these, no matter where you look.
    Because I am the only bankruptcy attorney in Dayton Ohio who is a Certified Debt Arbitrator and Certified Credit Counselor. So, you can be confident in my recommendation. And, I have created a special credit recovery program to help you rapidly recover credit after bankruptcy.
  • Are you a Board-Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Specialist?
    We expect this from our doctor. Why not your attorney?
    I’m the Board-Certified Specialist in Consumer Bankruptcy in Dayton Ohio more people hire year after year. There are only 10 board certified consumer bankruptcy specialists in the entire state of Ohio.
  • Will you tell me if I don’t need to claim bankruptcy?
    There are a number of Bankruptcy Attorneys that only care about filing cases. Not what your best option is.
    Yes, I will tell you if another non-bankruptcy option makes more sense.

The Myths of Bankruptcy Attorneys

Best Bankruptcy Attorneys Near Me Dayton, Ohio

Did you search for “best bankruptcy attorney near me Dayton, Ohio“?

The number one myth is that there is really is such a thing as “best bankruptcy attorney.” Why?  Because what’s “best” for one individual may not be the “best” for someone else. Further, “best” is subjective. There are many considerations that factor into finding an attorney who is a good “fit” for your needs and your personality. In the end, what’s best for you can really ONLY be decided by YOU.

The next myth is the “near me” trap. This fallacy should be obvious. For anyone searching for anything, no matter where you are, the best bankruptcy attorney is PROBABLY NOT “NEAR” YOU!

Almost certainly, you will find yourself driving right past several “not best for you” attorneys on the way to the one that’s really the best for you.

Consider this. Most people only file one bankruptcy in their entire lifetime.  Wouldn’t you agree that it’s more than worth it to invest more drive time to get the right one? People often drive Piqua to Springboro, more than 40 miles, to hire my office. They realize that the “best bankruptcy attorney is probably NOT near me.”

Chapter 7 Attorneys Near Me Dayton, Ohio

Seeking a chapter 7 attorney near me Datyon, Oh? Why are you searching for chapter 7?  Of course there are numerous chapter 7 attorneys in Dayton, Ohio. You should know that some of these chapter 7 attorneys will not file your case in chapter 13 even it that’s what’s best for you. Should this concern you? Yes.  Most people who are better off in chapter 13 will also qualify for chapter 7.

The concern I have with searching for a chapter 7 attorney near me is that you may have decided that chapter 7 is the right choice for your debt relief needs.  But is it really?  Chapter 7 could work, but might not be the best remedy for your situation.

If you meet with an attorney who only files, or prefers to file only chapter 7, you might expect that this is the remedy this attorney will suggest for you.  Chapter 7 is not a “one size fits all who qualify” solution.  Have you heard the old saying, “when the only tool you have is a hammer; everything looks like a nail.”

So, “Chapter 7 attorneys near me” searches can easily lead you astray.   You might only get a list of attorneys who don’t, or won’t, or can’t, properly evaluate your needs, the challenges you have and then consider all options, chapter 13 included, as well as the non-bankruptcy options, if any, which would apply to you.  And do this for you even if they know that the only service they have (or will offer you) is a chapter 7.

No Money Down Bankruptcy Attorneys Near Me Dayton, Oh

Reminds me of a car dealership. You would think that lawyers would shy away from this sort of thing. Car dealers may use it the most but the psychology behind it applies no matter where it’s used. Even in looking for “no money down bankruptcy attorneys.”

And, it has an appeal, doesn’t it? After all, especially if you are having money problems, and are afraid you won’t be able to afford the legal help you need, this sounds like a dream come true.

The real truth is that most attorneys offer payment plans. I will customize a payment plan so that you can afford my top-notch services, and, if appropriate, I’ll start a case with no money down, too. But, there are many good reason NOT to advertise this, since it puts price before all else, and focusing on price NEVER should be the way to approach serious financial issues, including your choice of a bankruptcy attorney in Dayton, Ohio.

Let’s consider a medical analogy. If you’re really sick, or have a life-threatening condition, like cancer, you would not be searching for “cheap cancer doctor near me.”  NO!  Instead, you will be more concerned with the experience, skills and qualifications of the doctor, his board certification, years of experience, online reviews and reputation.

You would NEVER be even the slightest bit concerned about “no money down” or payment terms. What is the point of doing this? “It’s a hustle, to get me in the door,” you might be thinking. And, you might be right. I sure can’t speak for anyone else, but I can share that I have discussed legal fees and payment options with thousands of clients over the years. Many do admit that they are worried about fees and payment plans are important. That’s why I custom draft every payment plan, depending on my client’s needs. This proves that I am focused on helping them, and will work with them to get the right program for their needs, and help them, pay what they can afford.

My clients often express relief and sometimes surprise that I have such affordable payment options. I tell them I want to get to work right away for them, even if they pay a rather small deposit. Or, as mentioned above, I might even start the file with no deposit paid up front.

The reason that I don’t focus on the deposit, or lack thereof, is because I consider it a secondary issue, not particularly relevant to “real work” that needs to be done. By focusing on what you need first, and the payment plan second, we can keep our priorities where they belong.

My opinion is that “No money down bankruptcy” advertising is the wrong way to approach your problems, and the solution you need.

One final thing is worth mentioning. “No money down bankruptcy” does equal lower overall fees.

You may even pay more. I have done some careful reading on some of these “no money down” ads and read the fine print. In some cases, it seems to me that the overall price is going to be higher.

So, I’d pay little attention to “no money down, or zero down” advertising.  If anything, It might be considered a “negative” or a “red flag” in your overall review of the attorney’s approach to bankruptcy practice.

Chapter 13 Attorneys Near Me Dayton, Ohio

This search presents the same problem as searching for chapter 7 attorneys near me. Of the last 30 years, thousands of clients have told me that they want to file chapter 13, for many different reasons. Sometimes it the right one, and they sense that, but other times its not.

And, you should know that the legal fees in chapter 13 are higher than in chapter 7. We want to be practical and keep costs in mind, even if its not (and it shouldn’t be) the primary consideration. My point is this: you need the best solution for your individual needs, not the one the attorney likes to file.

Once, someone came to me for a second opinion after seeing another attorney who recommended a chapter 13. The client felt that a chapter 7 would work, and be a better solution. He wanted my second opinion. After a careful analysis, I told him that it was my professional opinion that a chapter 7 would be the better solution. I also knew the attorney he had seen liked to file chapter 13 cases.  I filed a chapter 7 for this client and the results were exactly what he wanted.

Later I asked the other attorney why he recommended chapter 13 for this man. The other attorney said, and I believe he was being 100% honest and truthful with me, “I just think that people feel better if they pay what they can afford on their debt.” Some may, I suppose, but I believe that my job, as an attorney, is to make the recommendation that fits the facts, and not to overlay how I think my client may feel about it.

Finally, remember this.  If you are asking for a chapter 13, what will the “chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Near Me Dayton ” probably offer you? Even if you also qualify for a chapter 7.  Most of the time (not all, but in many cases) if you qualify for chapter 7 you qualify for chapter 13 too. But why go into a chapter 13 if a chapter 7 will do the job you need done?

$500 Dollar Bankruptcy Attorneys Near Me Dayton, Ohio

Cheap Bankruptcy Attorney

More troubling than “best bankruptcy attorney near me” is the $500 bankruptcy attorney near me search. Those who are really looking for this attorney should exercise caution, I recommend. I know that filing any bankruptcy case, correctly, with a high degree of care and skill, requires a complex analysis of your facts, and then a very careful, and painstakingly detailed preparation.

It should go without saying that a real professional would be practically unable to predict, in advance, what difficulties or snags you might have, or, for that matter, all of the detailed steps that would need be done in a case. Since these CANNOT be known in advance, does it make any logical sense that a “$500 bottom of the barrel” price could be quoted?  The estimate has got to be based on a guess. Is that how you want your case handled?

Seriously, there are numerous problems with this.  Having filed over 10,000 cases, I submit that if the $500 bankruptcy attorney (or “affordable bankruptcy attorney”) is actually doing all that needs to be done, exercising due diligence, he probably can’t afford to hire adequate staff to assist. And, you would wonder that if any issue pops up that might require more time, would it be handled properly. The concern here is very real. Time is money. Doing the job right takes time.  If you charge so little per case, quoting fees blindly in advance, you are betting that the cases won’t take more time than you allocate… but what if they need more time?

Cheap Bankruptcy Attorneys Near Me Dayton, Ohio

Entering  a search for a Cheap Bankruptcy Attorney Near Me Dayton, Ohio will produce a list of cheap attorneys who are betting that price is your most important consideration in selecting an attorney. Maybe they are just trying to get you to call them for their “cheap” price. But, you shouldn’t shop for legal counsel like you do for cars.

However you look at it, when you focus on price, especially looking for a “cheap bankruptcy attorney near me”, you might wonder about the kind of representation you would expect from the cheap attorney.  Like many things that are complex, you don’t know what you don’t know.

But you do have common sense, and it makes sense that cheap bankruptcy attorneys would need to keep their costs down, and adopt a bare-bones attitude on their practice. For example, they may have limited staff, (we have nearly 20 people on payroll, so I know how much staff costs, still, how to you provide extraordinary service without enough people?  You simply can’t).

Abe Lincoln’s famously said, “An attorney’s time and advice are his stock in trade.” Time is money. Time is limited. If you are in business and you have cheap prices, you simply can’t afford to do more than the minimums. Is this what you are seeking. If so, then you’ve thought about it and made that decision.  It’s not a right or wrong issue. It’s just important you approach your search with all this in mind, so you don’t get a nasty surprise.

But, ask yourself this: why would an attorney value his or her own time so low?  There has to be a reason. What is it? You might want to have them explain how this works in detail and see if you like (or believe) the answer you get.

Affordable Bankruptcy Attorneys Near Me Dayton, Ohio

Affordable Bankruptcy

Affordable bankruptcy attorney near me doesn’t sound so awful. Affordable has a sort of nice connotation, doesn’t it? We generally approve of things being affordable. Lawyers are good with words. Sometimes I fear that affordable may be their code word for cheap.

Besides, just what does affordable mean? Actually it’s relative. Affordable to one is cheap to another, and too expensive for someone else. So, if you’re trying to attract new clients based on price (not a good selection criterion but we KNOW people use it, some exclusively), then affordable has a good “ring” to it.  It might just be one of the most attractive ways to get “price conscious” shoppers to come to your office.

Problem is, that price is not (should not be) the primary consideration. Looking for an affordable bankruptcy attorney near me might even be thought of as a sure way to get started in the wrong direction.

Typical scenario. You are having serious financial difficulty, you want to explore bankruptcy. You feel like you can’t afford anything, because you can’t pay your bills. That’s the main problem, so you have this “mind set” that you can’t afford anything.  With this mindset, you search for cheap affordable bankruptcy near me.  You get a list, and call, and the first thing you want to know is their price.

The affordable bankruptcy attorney near me has you “pegged” and is happy to quote you a price, sight unseen, no investigation, no questions about your needs, or circumstances. You call around more. After all, you want more than one price because that’s how we are taught to “shop” for things.  You end up making an appointment with the cheapest attorney near me you can find.

Totally focused on price, and not knowing what you don’t know, you have no way to know if you’re going to end up with the best answers, the best solution, the right program for your situation.

How do I know?

I do a lot of “second opinion” consults for the fortunate few who get “bad vibes” from the cheap affordable attorneys, and decide to call me to see if they get the same answer. Often, they do not.  And I do mean often.

Affordability can be created. I do it all the time. As i am a very experienced (since 1986) bankruptcy specialist, I frequently amaze  clients with approaches that make “board certified specialist quality” representation affordable for them.

Truth is that by approach the cost of representation properly, and crafting a customized plan, top quality representation is easily affordable. Now that you know this, you no longer need to feel compelled to search for “affordable bankruptcy attorney near me” and you can, instead, focus on getting the quality representation you really need.