Things Worth Waiting for After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Attorney Dayton, Oh

One of the hardest things that many who seek bankruptcy protection say they have to endure is the period after the bankruptcy and the waiting period that you must endure before you can resume life with the financial freedom that you enjoyed before having to file.

If you have sought protection with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy you are forced to wait a minimum of 10 years and with a Chapter 13, 7 years, for the bankruptcy to be fully discharged and taken off your credit report. Until that time any lender you may seek credit from has the ability to see that you have sought that protection and may choose to not lend or lend at a higher rate to offset any risk they may feel they face.

If you have sought Chapter 13 protection and the debt repayment structure is finalized by the courts it may take at least 3-5 years before those debts are fully satisfied and your full paycheck becomes fully yours again. While this may seem like an eternity at the time it really is a short period of time in the grand scheme of things. There are other things that you will be forced to wait for such as applying for credit cards that are fully unsecured.

Applying for loans without the permission necessary from the courts depending on what type of bankruptcy protection you have chosen to seek is another thing worth waiting for. While these things may seem to be a major inconvenience at the time when you consider that state your finances will be in after the period expires or even worse where you may have ended up by not seeking that protection they are very minor inconveniences indeed.

Filing for bankruptcy can be complicated so be sure to use a qualified Dayton Ohio bankruptcy attorney to assist you.

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