What Documentation Will My Bankruptcy Attorney Require For A Chapter 7?

Bankruptcy Attorney

You have done the soul searching and have talked to a local bankruptcy attorney and have come to the conclusion that filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection is the right move for you to make. What paperwork and documentation will the bankruptcy attorney need to help you to move forward with the petition?

In the course of a Chapter 7 you will need to make a comprehensive list of all of your assets and personal property and its value at the time of filing, this will include the following: any cash you have, a list of bank accounts, any educational or tuition accounts, pension or profit sharing information as well as any stocks or business interests you may have.

You will also have to list all of the property you own including any vehicles, boats, houses, as well as anything else of value like furs, or art, any collectibles you may own, firearms and anything else that may have value that could be liquidated. Some of this property may be exempt under the laws of your particular state but you will absolutely need to list it in order to find that out through your bankruptcy attorney and the courts. In addition to this list of assets and bank accounts there are other forms of documentation that you may also require moving forward with a Chapter 7.

Talk to a Dayton Ohio bankruptcy attorney to find out exactly what you need and when you need it. The process will be much easier with the help of a professional and prevent any costly mistakes that might cause your bankruptcy case to be dismissed.

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