Your Credit Card Debt In A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Attorney Dayton, Oh

The Chapter 13 bankruptcy is quite a bit different from the Chapter 7. In the Chapter 13 bankruptcy it is more of a repayment plan that is structured to take the pressure off of you and to relieve you from having to juggle your payments while satisfying many of your creditors at the same time.

Chances are if you are in a rough financial situation where you have had to consider bankruptcy, part of your debt load comes from your credit cards. How this will be handled in your Chapter 13 bankruptcy will depend on several different circumstances.

The whole purpose of the Chapter 13 a bankruptcy is to create a repayment plan so your creditors are expected to get some form of payment. However, the debts that you have will be put into categories which determine who gets paid first and how much. Generally credit cards end up being the lowest priority when it comes to the debt categories. In most cases if there is enough money to go around the credit card companies will receive some amount of money but generally there is not enough to pay out the debt in full. This is all under the assumption that none of the credit card debt has been secured.

If it has been secured then it will become a priority debt. If it turns out that after your priority and secured debts are able to be paid and there is money left over then this is what is divided up amongst the credit card holders. In many cases there simply is not enough to be able to satisfy all of these. Your bankruptcy attorney will give you further instructions and information concerning this type of debt.

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