Why Credit Counseling Is Important

Bankruptcy Attorney Dayton, Oh

Anyone filing for bankruptcy will be required to complete a number of steps before their debts can be discharged, one of which is to complete a credit counseling course. These courses offer a number of benefits and are important for the outcome of your case.

An Inside Look

Inside a bankruptcy case, the credit counseling course is required for one reason; it is the law, as of changes made to the bankruptcy code in 2005. However, another important reason they are beneficial is that they are designed to help improve the likelihood of your future financial success. While many bankruptcy cases are brought about through unforeseen financial hardships, a credit counseling course can still provide help with becoming a better money manager for the future. Learning a few tips and tricks to improve our budgeting skills, boost our savings, and make better use of our credit accounts is something we all could use a little help to achieve.

Time For Action

While your Dayton bankruptcy lawyer will be handling your case with the court, you are responsible for attending the 90 minute course and providing your completion certificate to the court. It is important that you complete this process within the 180 days prior to your filing. If your lawyer doesn’t offer a course on site or you decide to seek credit counseling on your own, be sure you find a reputable agency to provide your training. You can find a list of approved credit counseling agencies by visiting:


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