Do not file until you know all of your options.

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Video Transcript:

Don’t file until you know all your options.


If you are listening to me the chances are you need my help. You need to know your options, and all of them. The problem is that it’s really difficult to get all your options from one person. There really isn’t any one single place to get all reliable information about all of your options. Information that you can count on, information you can trust.


Information from a certified specialist with over a quarter-century experience over 11,000 cases under his belt. Except – in my office – that is EXACTLY what you will get.


You need to know how a debt management plan works you need to know how credit counseling works, you need to know how bankruptcy works,

both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. And you need to know how all these options compare with each other, the pros and cons of each.


And what about your credit score?


How will the option that you choose affect your credit in the future?


I’m Rick West, certified bankruptcy specialist, certified credit counselor, and certified debt arbitrator. I’m the only triple certified debt relief specialist in Ohio. Since 1986, I’ve been southern Ohio’s trusted debt relief and credit authority. I know what you need because I’ve been where you possibly are now.


You can read my story in the about us page on this website. But basically, I’ll tell you my story in a nutshell. Due to my own personal financial disaster

I’ve dedicated my professional life to helping you find the right solution to your difficult that situation. Because I’m a board certified specialist, and a credit counselor, I know that bankruptcy is not the best solution for everyone. Sometimes credit counseling is all you may need. And if all you need is credit counseling, then I’m going to tell you this – and I will explain why it’s better than any other option.


Sometimes a debt management program is what you need. I became certified debt arbitrator because I know that sometimes the best solution to your problem is debt arbitration. If is the case for you I’ll tell you so,

And I will explain what debt management programs can and can’t do  and also warn you about some of the traps and pitfalls that I see people get themselves into and the tax consequences that most of the time the debt management programs don’t tell you about.


The problem with debt management programs counselors is that they are not attorneys, they can’t compare their programs bankruptcy because they’re not attorneys and they can give you legal advice. And, besides,

they make their money by selling debt management programs.

So of course they’re going to tell you their solution is right for you.


What about bankruptcy?


Well, I can explain all about how bankruptcy works, what bankruptcy can and cannot do, but first a word of advice.


There are lots of attorneys who claim to know how to file bankruptcy but, how many of them are board-certified? How many of them have been in practice for more than 25 years, how many are also certified credit counselors and certified debt arbitrators?


You know – If you only have one tool in your toolbox, like a hammer, then everything starts look-alike and nail, doesn’t it?


I don’t have that problem. If I tell you that bankruptcy is the best solution,

and it’s not for everyone, I’ll explain why and tell you in plain English what will work best for you.


You need to be free of your debt problems, you want to be able to sleep at night. You want to be able to get her life back on track, you need a seasoned and certified professional to help you get the job done right. When you want something done right, you hire a specialist, don’t you? You want to get done right the first time.


Sadly, I see lots of folks waste years and thousands of dollars because they were suckered into a debt management plan and they should have been a bankruptcy. And sometimes people in bankruptcy come to see me for a second opinion, sometimes even after they file bankruptcy, and sometimes I have to tell them they shouldn’t have filed bankruptcy at all, or that they filed the wrong kind of bankruptcy. Sometimes it’s just too late to help them.


Don’t make the mistake of getting your advice from someone who can’t explain all of your options. Someone who has only been in practice a short time and is not very experienced in all aspects of debt relief and credit. It could be a mistake you regret for the rest of your life. Something this important demands that you seek out the very best professional advice that you can find.


Don’t take chances and don’t make a decision to file bankruptcy until you know all of your options and the pros and cons of each. Only then can you be sure – 100% confidence that you made the right choice


You can call me for a free, no obligation telephone consultation, and we can go over all your options. I will apply my 26 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of all possible debt relief options to your situation,

so you’ll know without a shadow of a doubt, what the best solution for your situation is.





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