A Step Forward – Not A Defeat

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Everyone knows that there are times to move forward and times when you stop to regroup.

In hindsight, we all know that sometimes things that seem bad. At the time, we see later as blessings in disguise.

Better to regroup, cut your losses and start over than to stick your head in the sand and pretend that you can somehow win a losing a battle. That’s how the war gets lost. It’s the same with sports, it’s the same with life.

All good, honest, hard-working people suffer setbacks.

If anyone tells you different they are either lying to you or fooling themselves.


Because life is sometimes brutal and unforgiving.

And, its that way for everyone.

The good thing is that in life you always have a choice.

You can choose to sit there and just take it giving up, giving in, and getting bitter, and let debt win – or you can be smart about it.

You can ADMIT and ACCEPT that you need help and that help might mean filing bankruptcy. You need to look at the game differently. Quit labeling bankruptcy as defeat,
and see that it really is a step forward, not back, you can do it!

Bankruptcy Can Help. Bankruptcy is not a defeat.

Defeat is NOT filing bankruptcy when it would do your family the most good.

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