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Bankruptcy Lawyers

If you are looking for a bankruptcy lawyer and you obviously have financial difficulties you feel you need assistance with. Often times, when people feel that they have no options they can figure out for themselves, they come to the conclusion that a bankruptcy lawyer is the next step. Sometimes this is not the best way to go, however.

Bankruptcy lawyers are generally not trained and certified in non-bankruptcy approaches. It only makes sense to look at all of your options before determining which option will be the best for your particular individual circumstances.  How else could you determine which is best?

There is an old saying, “if the only tool that you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail.” Sadly, I find this to be true of many credit counselors and true bankruptcy attorneys as well.

 Credit counselors are not trained in bankruptcy law, and cannot give legal advice.

 They are not able to compare credit counseling programs with bankruptcy options.

Bankruptcy attorneys are not certified credit counselors.

They are not able to compare bank of the options with non-bankruptcy options.

I have been practicing debt relief law for almost 30 years and have found that many people end up filing bankruptcy when a non-bankruptcy option should have been chosen. Similarly, many people end up in debt management programs when they should have been in bankruptcy. This bothered me so much that I went back to school and became a certified credit counselor, and a certified debt arbitrator. I am also certified student loan counselor as well.

Being certified in all forms of debt relief enables me to tell my clients, without a shadow of a doubt, what the best option is for taking care of your debt problems. I will compare the pros and cons of all the programs, bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy, and I can also explain the differences between chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

By examining all the different options, as a bankruptcy lawyer and as a certified credit counselor, I am able to determine why a particular form of debt relief is best.

If you are looking for a bankruptcy lawyer, you need to ask yourself whether you have thoroughly explored all the non-bankruptcy options and whether or not you have been able to obtain the information that you believe is necessary to properly compare non-bankruptcy and bankruptcy options. A bankruptcy lawyer can file a bankruptcy, but often cannot give you a full comparison of the pros and cons of the non-bankruptcy options you have available to you.

Are you being treated like a nail?


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