Can You Get Fired For Going Bankrupt?

Bankruptcy Attorney

Not only do many people worry about what it going to happen to all of their personal assets if they decide to go bankrupt, they are also concerned about their employment. Some fear that because of the way the company they work for views bankruptcy, they may lose their job because of going bankrupt. There are laws in place that prohibit and employer from terminating employment just because of a bankruptcy. This applies to both government and private employers.

If you have been terminated following a bankruptcy, you first have to be able to show that this occurred strictly because of your bankruptcy. If the company also let other employees go because of downsizing for example, then you would be hard pressed to show that your termination was as a result of your bankruptcy. You cannot be denied a promotion or a raise just because you went bankrupt.

Where you may run into employment difficulty as a result of your bankruptcy is if you are applying for a new job. Some companies will do a credit check on prospective employees, and your bankruptcy would appear on this check. The company you are applying to can deny you employment. However, if it is a government job, then you cannot be denied the position based on your bankruptcy. Only private employers have this option. You can speak with your bankruptcy attorney if you believe you have been fired, or denied a government job strictly because of your Cincinnati bankruptcy.

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