Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy Attorney

When thinking of filing bankruptcy, often people wonder if they can represent themselves. Or hire someone to prepare the documents for them. Something you should consider is that the money you save on not hiring an attorney can often be a drop in the bucket compared to what a knowledgeable attorney can do for you.

You don’t want to miss filing dates or exemptions that could save your home or assets. By not following the protocol, you could have your case dismissed, and you would have to start all over again.


When hiring a lawyer, you want to look at their experience with personal bankruptcy. Do they have experience in cases similar to yours? And if so, did the cases result in successful conclusions?


What will you be getting when you hire your attorney? Does your attorney help you fill out your financial information? Will they go to all the meetings and court appearances with you? Will you be able to contact your attorney with questions about your case easily?


Do you feel like you can trust your attorney like they are listening to you? Will your attorney help you choose the best bankruptcy code for you to file?

You can save money by having all of your documents current and organized before you meet with your attorney. Having your documents ready will save you billable hours by not having the paralegal do it for you.

If you have more information about hiring a lawyer, contact a Dayton bankruptcy attorney.

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