Important Considerations Before You File For Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Attorney

Before filing for bankruptcy protection there are many important considerations that you will need to examine. Your financial standing and situation will play a big role in deciding to file for bankruptcy in the first place. Bankruptcy can offer you a fresh financial start and eliminate most if not all of your debts. Your actions before filing, during the open case, and after your debts are discharged can have an effect on the final outcome of your case. There are some steps that should be taken, and some actions that should be avoided, before filing for bankruptcy.


Bankruptcy follows a very rigid and complex process that is difficult or even impossible for most individuals to navigate without legal knowledge and experience in these courts. Before deciding on bankruptcy as the solution for your financial problems a qualified bankruptcy attorney should be consulted as soon as possible. Bankruptcy may or may not be the best option in your situation and a free consultation with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer can help you choose the best path in your specific situation.


Make sure to ask any potential bankruptcy lawyer all the questions that you may have about the entire process. Include questions about how different bankruptcy chapters would affect you and which chapter is best for your unique case and level of debt. Know what the fee for the bankruptcy attorney will be for taking the case on and read all documents before signing anything. Learn about the differences between different debt types, including unsecured debt, secured debt, and dischargeable debt. The more you know and understand the easier the process will be.


Never try to give away property, sell items, or transfer ownership of anything that you own within 6 months before filing for bankruptcy protection. You should also never attempt to hide any assets that you own. These activities may not only get your bankruptcy case dismissed and your costs to date forfeited but can also open the door for criminal charges in some cases.


Stop using credit cards to run up debt. If the bankruptcy judge determines that your use of the cards was frivolous then penalties may be applied in your case or the case could be thrown out by the judge. The same is true if bankruptcy fraud is suspected. Start financial planning for the future before your bankruptcy case is discharged. Make sure that you do not start running up debt again right away and use credit wisely this time around. Learn what exemptions you can claim in bankruptcy. An experienced bankruptcy attorney will ensure that as much of your property is protected as possible under the bankruptcy laws.


The bankruptcy attorneys at Richard West Law can provide you with a free debt consolidation consultation. This step will help you find the right answer for your unique debt problems and circumstances. Visit or call (513)771-8700 or (937)748-1749 to get the answers you want, and the financial relief you are looking for.

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