Important Facts About Filing For Bankruptcy Again

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Many consumers are confused when it comes to specifics in the bankruptcy laws, and there are a number of misconceptions and mistaken beliefs about whether bankruptcy can be filed a second time. If you have filed for bankruptcy protection before it may be possible to file again in some situations.


Sometimes the fresh start offered by bankruptcy can result in an accumulation of debt again over time, and then financial difficulties may occur through no fault of your own. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer can help you determine whether filing for bankruptcy again is possible, and help you navigate this process so that you get the results you want and need.


Crucial Time Lines With Additional Bankruptcy Filings


The time required in between bankruptcy filings can depend on a number of factors. The chapter of the bankruptcy code that you filed the last case under, the outcome of the previous case, and your current financial situation will all determine how long you must wait before you can file for bankruptcy protection again.


If you had a successful chapter 7 bankruptcy case and your unsecured debts were discharged then you will need to wait at least 8 years before filing again under chapter 7 of the bankruptcy code in most cases but there may be exceptions. If you now want to file a chapter 13 case then the time requirement is reduced to 4 years since your last case was filed.


If your last bankruptcy was filed under chapter 13 of the bankruptcy code and you want to file under this same chapter you must wait for at least 2 years if the new case is also under chapter 13. If you want to file a chapter 7 case now then you must wait 6 years after filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy previously.


An Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney Should Be Consulted


If you have filed for bankruptcy in the past and the case was dismissed by the bankruptcy court then the time requirement before you can file again can vary, depending on why the case was dismissed. This time restriction may be as short as a month or two, or you could find that you may not file again for a year or more. A qualified bankruptcy attorney can help determine the time requirements in place for your specific situation, and offer guidance and legal advice to help you get the outcome you are looking for.


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