Am I Judgment Proof?

Bankruptcy Attorney Dayton, Oh

Dear West Hurley & Malkiewicz,

I am considering making an appointment for bankruptcy protection but a friend told me about a program that makes you “judgement proof” if your only income is social security. I’m not sure if I can qualify for that because my husband is still working. (The credit cards I have are all in my name).

If I would qualify for this could your company handle this for me?

Sincerely, (name removed by Rick West)

Great Question.

There is no such program. But, often folks who have only social security income are judgement-proof, and I frequently tell them they need not file, since creditors cannot garnish social security income.

But, this does not mean that one has nothing to fear from creditors if their income is only social security. I frequently see retired people who have savings in the bank that could be taken by creditors, or houses paid off that could be lost to creditors, or vehicles that are paid for.

Yes, creditors, even credit card creditors, can take your house and car if you don’t pay them.

So, you see, just having social security income and not looking at other aspects of your situation could be a recipe for disaster.

Always best to call us up and discuss these things. The call is free. You don’t even need to come to the office. We are happy to help you understand if you are judgement proof, – really – or not.

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