Can My Unemployment Claim Be Reopened If I Quit A New Job?

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A common question asked concerns unemployment benefits and quitting a new job. In some cases it may be possible to reopen a claim for unemployment in some cases but usually the determination will depend on several factors. The time period that has passed will be a determining factor. In some cases the job is quit during the same benefit year that unemployment benefits were claimed, and this may make it possible to reopen an unemployment claim as long as all of the other qualifying criteria are met.

A common belief is that when a new job is taken then eligibility benefits for unemployment end, and this is true in some cases. If the unemployment benefits you are entitled to were not exhausted before you found gainful employment then any remaining balance may be used in some situations. If the benefit year has already ended then you would not be able to reopen the old claim but it may be possible to refile a claim with the unemployment agency. This could lead to new benefits and a new benefit year in some cases.

The biggest obstacle to reopening an unemployment claim if you quit your job is the fact that you quit. This will not automatically prevent you from collecting benefits for unemployment but the reason that you quit will be a big deciding factor. Usually unemployment is reserved for individuals who lost a job through no fault of their own, but in certain situations quitting a job may be a reasonable reaction. If the workplace involves threats, violence, intimidation, or certain other types of conduct then state guidelines do not consider quitting an unreasonable act.

Quitting a job, whether you have good reason or not, can quickly start a downward financial spiral. If unemployment benefits are approved it could take weeks or even months in some states for the first check to be received. If unemployment benefits are denied then the financial troubles will only get worse.

If you feel like your life is out of control or you face mounting debts there is help available. The bankruptcy laws cover situations just like this, and can help provide debt relief for many consumers. Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection can provide a fresh start for qualifying consumers, and most if not all of the debts owed will be eliminated.

Bankruptcy is not a step that is taken lightly, and this step should never be taken without consulting a qualified bankruptcy attorney. An attorney with significant experience in this area is essential for the best possible results. Bankruptcy can discharge your debts and offer protection to a significant amount of property that you may own.

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