Who will know about my bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Attorney Dayton, Oh
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Bankruptcy is a public record. If you wish to see who filed for bankruptcy all you have to do is go down to the bankruptcy court clerk’s office and ask to see the records. Recently, court reporting services have begun to put bankruptcy filing information online. Therefore, it is possible in some jurisdictions to look up bankruptcy filings on the Internet. Of course, all the creditors that you list in your bankruptcy are notified by the bankruptcy court. In chapter 7 cases, unless you happen to owe money to your employer, the employer is not notified. In Chapter 13 cases, sometimes your payment is made through a wage induction, so the employer is notified. In my experience, many people worry unnecessarily about who will find out that they’re filed for bankruptcy. In most situations involving ordinary consumers, bankruptcy filings are not considered newsworthy, – are not reported in the newspapers, and – quite frankly – if you need to file a bankruptcy you should do it regardless of whether or not somebody finds out or doesn’t find out.

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