What To Bring For Your First Meeting With A Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy Attorney Dayton, Oh

If you have an initial meeting scheduled with a bankruptcy attorney in Ohio you are probably wondering what you will need to bring to this meeting. If this is the first time that you have ever filed for bankruptcy then the process is not one that you are familiar with. The bankruptcy attorney will handle all of the legal aspects of your case, and to do this there is a lot of personal information and documents that may be needed by the attorney so that the forms and required paperwork can be completed. Information and documentation of your income, assets, debts, and other factors will help the Ohio bankruptcy attorney provide the information that the bankruptcy court needs to decide your case.


An experienced Ohio bankruptcy lawyer will usually send you a list of the things that will be needed for the initial appointment, and some will also mail you any forms that you will need to complete. Both of these can speed up the time needed to file and resolve your bankruptcy case, and minimize the inconvenience of repeated appointments with the attorney. Make sure that the attorney chosen does not only handle bankruptcy but also specializes in other forms of debt relief as well. This will give you an honest opinion on whether bankruptcy is the right option in your case or if another debt relief option may be a better choice instead.


If you do not receive the list of required items and information before the initial consultation there are some things that are usually needed which can help you arrive prepared. Create a list of any questions that you have for the Ohio bankruptcy attorney, and you can add to this list as you think of new questions. This will ensure that you get the answers you need during the consultation and that none of your questions are forgotten or overlooked. You should also create a list of all the assets and debts in your case, including your monthly income and payments. This list will provide an overview of your financial so the bankruptcy lawyer can provide accurate advice in your specific case.


Your initial meeting with an Ohio bankruptcy attorney will involve discussions about your creditors. Before the scheduled appointment with the Ohio bankruptcy attorney you will need to create a list of all your creditors, and this list should include the amount and type of debt for each creditor. If any debts are overlooked these can be added later but try to make the creditor list as complete as possible. This will help make sure that all of your debts are discharged and none are missed.


If there are any foreclosure, repossession, or garnishments in your case you will need to bring all of the information available for these actions. When you file for bankruptcy the automatic stay will usually stop these collection actions and temporarily halt any repossession or foreclosure until the judge hears your case and makes a decision. When you can provide all of the needed information about where you are in the collection process with these collection activities then the right legal advice and action can be provided by the Ohio bankruptcy attorney. During the initial meeting the bankruptcy lawyer will request any other information and documents needed to finish the paperwork and file with the bankruptcy court.


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