Can I File For Bankruptcy While Still in The Military?

Bankruptcy Attorney

It certainly is a sad question to ask as it suggests that our military personnel have to be concerned about dire financial situations when they may be involved in active duty protecting our country. Even though an individual may be serving in the military they still have the same rights as any other person to seek out bankruptcy relief.

Where a problem could arise is with some positions within the military that are considered high ranking positions. As such it demands the need for security clearances and filing for bankruptcy could have an impact on this. Just as anyone else in the general public has the ability to file for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy so do active military personnel. The same rules are going to apply as to what they are eligible for.

Often those in the military that are seeking to move up in the ranks have to deal with their security clearance and part of the process is being questioned about any delinquent accounts in the last 180 days. They will also be asked if they have been subjected to any wage garnishments. The financial stability for military personnel in high security positions is critically important and these are why these questions are being asked.

Any military personnel that feels that that they have no recourse but to file for bankruptcy should seek out a quality bankruptcy attorney who can provide them with the answers to many of their questions, as well as guide them through and represent them during their bankruptcy action.

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