Chapter 13 trustee can suggest ways to save money

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Of course, we are all interested in saving money, and in a Chapter 13 plan, you are on a budget.  Of course, we are all on some kind of a budget, but at a 341 meeting yesterday,  in Cincinnati, we were reviewing our budget information with the trustee’s staff attorney and got some very useful information.  My clients were paying about $180 per month in cell phone charges and did not want to reject the contract with the cell phone company because the wife used the internet service for her job.  Problem was that the husband was also on the contract and signed up for the internet services too, but no longer wanted to pay for it.  He really did not need it and it fell in the category of expenses he could painlessly cut out.

Turns out that the staff counsel  has seen this before and offered helpful suggestions that would enable us to save about $500 per year (that is $2,500 over a 5 year plan!) and put more money in our pocket!  So, not only did we get our budget approved, the trustee’s office actually helped make it better!.

Now that is a benefit that most people don’t know about, and we are all grateful for the assistance of the trustee’s office.  Thank you to Karolina Pear, Staff Counsel, for her helpful suggestions.

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