What If A Creditor Is Overlooked When My Bankruptcy Petition Is Filed?

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Overlooked Creditor?


If a creditor is overlooked or forgotten when you file the initial bankruptcy petition then it may be possible to add the creditor later on in some cases. Filing for bankruptcy protection can be a stressful process, with numerous forms and large amounts of information required. If there are many creditors it may be very easy to overlook one or more during the initial stages of a bankruptcy case. The experienced bankruptcy attorney handling the case can help you determine whether the creditor can be added to the case.


As soon as you realize that a creditor is not listed in the documents filed with the bankruptcy court it is essential that you contact your bankruptcy attorney with the missing creditor and debt information. If the meeting of the creditors has not taken place yet then adding the overlooked creditors is usually possible. This step will require additional work by the bankruptcy attorney though and there may be an additional cost for this step. The bankruptcy lawyer will need to add the creditor to the case documents filed with the bankruptcy court, and then send the creditor a notice concerning the meeting of creditors in your case.


If you do not realize that a creditor was omitted from the case until the meeting of creditors has passed then you need to contact your bankruptcy attorney as soon as possible with this information. Once the meeting of creditors occurs then there are specific time restrictions and limitations for adding any additional creditors to the case. If the time limit has not passed then the bankruptcy lawyer can add the creditor by filing additional information and forms with the bankruptcy court. If the allowable time period for adding new creditors has passed then this debt will not be listed or discharged and you will still owe the debt after the bankruptcy case is closed.


Before filing for bankruptcy protection or even contacting a bankruptcy attorney you should get current copies of your credit reports from all 3 credit reporting agencies. These agencies are Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, and each agency report may have different creditor and debt information. If you are contacted about a new debt or creditor that is not listed on any credit reports this information should be given to your bankruptcy attorney immediately. These steps will minimize the chance that a creditor is forgotten and a debt is not discharged.


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