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Debt Collectors In Ohio Not Always On Target In Respecting Consumer Rights

Debt Collectors In Ohio Not Always On Target In Respecting Consumer Rights

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Debt Collectors FDCPA

Debt Collectors FDCPA


Debt collectors can be very aggressive and demanding, even in cases where you do not owe the debt in question. Some debt collectors engage in unfair, abusive, and illegal activity in an attempt to collect on a debt. These tactics can be reported, and consumers can sue the debt collector if these practices are used but most consumers in Ohio are not aware of their rights. Some of the most common questions about debt collection and consumer rights are listed below.



What Is The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act?


The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was enacted in 1978 and is designed to stop abusive debt collection practices and give consumers the right to dispute any debt or require the creditor to verify that the debt is legitimate and owed by the consumer. This statute outlines the methods used by debt collectors in an attempt to collect on a debt, defines the specific rights that consumers have in this area, and lists the penalties that can be imposed if the act is violated by a debt collector. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act ensures that all debt collectors use fair methods and treat consumers with respect.


What Debts Does The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Cover?


This statute covers most types of consumer debt. Medical expenses are covered, and so is consumer credit card debt. Vehicle loans and purchases, any household debt, and many other types of debt are covered and must follow this statute regarding debt collection activities.


What Methods Can Debt Collectors Use To Contact You?


There are several methods that can be used by debt collectors to contact consumers who owe a debt. Demands and other correspondence can be delivered through the mail, over the telephone, or by fax.


When And Where Can Debt Collection Activities Occur?


Debt collectors can not attempt to contact you before 8 am or after 9 pm unless you have given permission for contact outside of these hours. If contact is made at your place of employment and you tell the debt collector you can not accept calls at work then the debt collector can not contact you at your job again.


Can I Stop A Debt Collector From Contacting Me?


Yes, this can be done in more than one way. If you send the creditor a letter asking them not to contact you again concerning the debt then the creditor can only contact you to explain that the contact will cease immediately or to alert you of any actions that the creditor plans to take. This includes a property seizure, filing a suit in court, a wage garnishment, or other collection activities. Telling the creditor to stop harassing you will not stop collection activity, just the contact. Filing for bankruptcy will also stop creditors from contacting you because any discussions about your debt will be handled by the qualified bankruptcy attorney.