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Happy Client (actual client email thread)

Happy Client (actual client email thread)

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Happy! (Actual email thread from client….)
Subject: RE: 341 Hearing on Wednesday June 25 @ 9:00AM
(a nervous client, just before, and after, her trustee meeting)happy

Hi Halle,
Got your v/m. Thanks a bunch. I’ll be glad when tomorrow’s over. I’m a little nervous.
Do I need to bring my certificate with me?

Nope, you are all set. Just bring your bank statements covering the entire month of May. No need to be nervous…you’ll be just fine!

You are awesome!!! Have a great day.

Went fine, didn’t it?? Nothing to sweat I hope!

You’re right. I loved Amanda she was great.
Glad it’s over though. You’ve all been great.