High Levels Of Consumer Debt And Poor Health Are Often Linked

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Can large amounts of debt actually affect your health and the health of your family? A number of studies have shown that there is a link between poor health and high levels of debt, This reasoning may sound strange at first but the amount of debt carried by an Ohio consumer will have an impact on the food choices made. Many health issues and medical conditions are related to poor diet and a lack of proper nutrition, and studies show that lower income and high debt consumers in Ohio tend to develop these conditions more often.


Debt often forces you to make compromises, and financial difficulties may make it hard to purchase the healthiest foods available. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods tend to be the most expensive. When you have a limited amount of funds available for food you start cutting back and the first items eliminated from your diet are usually the most expensive ones. Stretching a budget that is small and limited often means cheaper foods that are unhealthy are substituted for healthy food choices.


Obesity is a growing concern in Ohio, and this condition leads to many health problems. Type 2 diabetes is also being seen in higher numbers throughout the state. Ohio is not the only state affected, studies show that there are close to 17 million children in America alone who do not have access to adequate amounts of healthy foods. These kids come from homes where high levels of debt and limited incomes make food purchases a struggle. Most children in the USA do not starve but have a diet that is lacking in vital nutrients and contains far too much sugar and fat.


When the choice you face is between no food at all or less expensive options that are not as healthy this is not really a choice that you want to make. Your health and the health of your family is very important. There are solutions available to help you deal with your debt once and for all. Bankruptcy can help you eliminate excessive debt so that you no longer have to settle for processed and packaged foods, and can once again provide a healthy and nutritious diet for your family instead.


If you are struggling, and your financial difficulties have forced you to settle for a diet that places your health at risk, then you should speak with a qualified bankruptcy attorney right away. Many Ohio consumers have large amounts of debt that include medical bills, credit card debt, and even payday loans and other consumer debt. You can get our from under the cloud of debt and get a fresh start with your finances. If you find yourself compromising on the food that you purchase because of the debts you owe it is time for a change.


The bankruptcy attorneys at Richard West Law can help provide a free debt consolidation consultation to help you find the right answer for your unique debt problems and circumstances. A poor diet and future health problems do not have to occur simply because you have large amounts of debt. We can help find the right debt solutions for you and your family. Visit https://www.debtfreeohio.com or call (513)771-8700 or (937)748-1749 to get the answers you want, and the financial relief you are looking for.

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