The Information In Your Divorce Papers Must Be Correct, Accurate, And Complete

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Divorce papers are legal documents that are extremely important. As such there is a significant amount of information that these documents should include. The legal professional who is drawing up the divorce papers should clearly understand the provisions of the divorce agreement, and will need to take special care to ensure that all of the necessary information is included.




A legal professional should always be used to prepare your divorce papers. There are do it yourself divorce kits that advertise savings but these are often a mistake that can have devastating consequences. Divorce papers may need to address a number of legal technicalities in the divorce laws and ensure that the correct information is included where necessary.




Some common information that must be included in most divorce papers will include any child support and custody arrangements, any spousal support or other financial payments that have been negotiated, the property settlement that will be followed, and liability for any unpaid bills and debts that are jointly owned.




Mistakes in your divorce papers could have a tremendous impact on your future. If any marital debts are not addressed by this legal document then you could find yourself legally responsible for debts that you did not create. This can even have an effect on any bankruptcy protection that you may seek in the future.




Do It Yourselves Divorces




In some case sit may be possible to use a do it yourself divorce kit successfully. If you do not have children with your spouse, there is no spousal support agreement, and there is little or no assets or debts that need to be divided then it may be possible to fill out and file a very simple divorce petition and get the marriage dissolved for less.




It is very important to remember that anything contained in your divorce papers is legally binding, and this is also true if any information is left out as well. If you have any questions at all about filling out the legal forms or filing for divorce then you should seek the advice of a legal professional. This will help you avoid common mistakes and prevent any costly errors.




Information And Documents That Will Be Needed For Divorce Papers




If you attempt to fill out your own divorce papers there are some things that should always be included. This includes the following information and documentation:




  • Birth certificates for each spouse
  • Marriage license
  • Any titles for property owned by either party to the divorce. This includes homes, vehicles, and any other property that has a title attached.
  • Tax returns for the previous 3 years minimum
  • Information on all bank accounts owned by either party or jointly
  • Retirement account statements for each party
  • A list of all marital debt
  • A list of all marital assets
  • Any child support agreement
  • Any child custody arrangements
  • Any spousal support agreed on
  • Any restrictions or limitations that both parties agree on
  • The proposed property settlement and division of marital assets
  • Any child visitation schedules
  • Any lump sum payment schedules
  • Any other factors that need to be addressed to resolve the marriage



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