Know Your Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy Attorney Dayton, Oh

When it comes to filing for bankruptcy you have several choices. You can file it on your own, hoping to obtain a successful outcome, or you can seek the counsel of a Dayton bankruptcy attorney. Experts agree that filing alone is probably not the best idea, as there are several critical aspects of the process than could leave you without the debt discharge you need.

Finding The Best

While there are plenty of attorneys you can choose from, they aren’t all equal. Many people are often attracted to the big name attorneys with the biggest billboard in town. Although they may do a fine job walking you through the process, there are some other areas you should look for when seeking the guidance of a bankruptcy attorney:

Do they have sufficient experience? How many years an attorney has been in the business is one important aspect to consider when seeking counsel. While there isn’t anything wrong with hiring a recent law school graduate to handle your case, you should consider whether they are at least working with a team of attorneys who may have additional experience levels. Being part of a team ensures high quality legal representation, especially for those just starting out.

Do they carry additional certifications? Most people never question the credentials of their attorney. Even if an attorney is an alumni of a top educational institution and member of the state Bar association, doesn’t mean they are the most competent in the field. In recent years, many attorneys have been pursuing alternative certifications to increase their expertise and proficiency in the field of debt relief. One of the most valued is an accreditation by the IAPDA as a debt arbitrator and counselor. This certification is rapidly becoming a new measure for competency in the field.

What was your gut reaction when meeting them? It is true what they say that intuition can tell you a lot about someone or an experience. Most people prefer an attorney who extends an air of compassion towards their client, not a pressured sales pitch. The mark of an attorney with integrity is personal experience with debt problems or a mission to help others as if they were family.

These may all sound like silly questions to ask yourself, but the answers could just be the difference in a sound and smooth experience with debt relief through bankruptcy.

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