Medical Billing Mistakes Can Significantly Increase Consumer Debt

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Medical billing mistakes are common, in fact these errors occur more often than most people realize. These mistakes cost consumers millions of dollars every year. Most consumers do not realize that any error at all in the billing information, even a slight misspelling of your name, may stop your health insurance company from paying the bill and you could end up on the hook for the entire amount. Every time you receive any medical services make sure to check the bill closely. Look at all of your personal information to ensure everything is accurate. Check the treatments provided and the diagnosis given to make sure they are all correct and were received.

Another issue is improper denials by health insurance companies. Make sure that every explanation of benefit form that you receive from your insurer is examined closely. If the reason for a limited payment or payment denial is not clear call the insurer and get an answer. Look at the benefit package that you have to make sure all payment denials are legitimate. Some unscrupulous health insurance companies frequently deny claims wrongfully in the hopes that the consumer will not question this decision.

Medical billing mistakes can be the result of a physician or hospital or they can occur with insurance benefits. Carefully checking every item on a bill and every line of a benefit explanation form will ensure that your medical bills are accurate and that the insurance company pays all of the covered medical expenses. Some hospitals do not send an itemized bill to the patient after a hospital stay, just a paper with the total amount. If this is the case then call and request an itemized statement so you can check each individual charge closely.

If financial difficulties make it hard to pay your medical bills and other consumer debts bankruptcy may be an option. Good things happen to bad people, and good people may have difficult times. Bankruptcy is nothing to be ashamed of. If you owe a significant amount of money in medical bills, whether this is due to poor insurance coverage or no insurance coverage, then a qualified bankruptcy attorney can help offer options.

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