Will An Ohio Bankruptcy Attorney Refuse Your Case?

Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy attorneys will not usually refuse cases but there are times when an attorney may refuse to take on your case for a number of reasons. Each attorney is different and some will take on a case that other attorneys have turned down. Why would a bankruptcy attorney refuse to take on your case? While there are few reasons for this one may be that you do not have a sufficient amount of debt to make it worth filing for bankruptcy. In this situation the bankruptcy attorney may simply decline to take the case after explaining the reason or the attorney may help you evaluate other options that are available instead.


If your debt amount is small then you could end up paying more than the debts you owe in attorney costs and filing fees. The filing fee is determined by the bankruptcy court, not the bankruptcy attorney. One problem is that many bankruptcy attorneys do not have the knowledge or resources to offer other debt resolution choices to possible clients. Some lawyers specialize only in bankruptcy and do not handle any other type of debt relief. If this is the case then the attorney may refuse your case if bankruptcy is not the best choice.


One of the most common reasons why your case may be refused by a bankruptcy attorney is if you have unsuccessfully filed for bankruptcy in the past. Most bankruptcy attorneys will work with you but if you have had numerous bankruptcy cases that were not successful this can be a red flag for an attorney. You may not be serious about debt relief, or you may not be able to use the bankruptcy process for some reason. When an attorney takes your case and the results are unsuccessful this has an impact on the reputation of the attorney. If you have filed for bankruptcy more than once in the past and you did not succeed some attorneys will not represent you in another bankruptcy case.


Some bankruptcy attorneys will not take your case if the bankruptcy petition has already been filed and you have an open case. Most attorneys are more comfortable if all of the prep work and filings are done themselves, and asking an attorney to come into a case after it has been started is not usually a good idea. Mistakes may have been made or the previous lawyers intent may need to be interpreted. Some bankruptcy attorneys will take your case if you have already filed for bankruptcy protection but many will not.


Every bankruptcy attorney is different and unique. The best option is to discuss your debts and financial situation with a debt consultation specialist, but unfortunately many bankruptcy attorneys can not provide debt relief solutions except for bankruptcy. You should find an attorney who can offer all of your available options.


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