The question you MUST ask any lawyer about bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Attorney Dayton, Oh

Yesterday I spoke with a couple who came to see me after consulting with another attorney. The other lawyer was an experienced bankruptcy attorney, but I knew that his experience was limited to chapter 7. Not surprisingly, the couple informed me that this attorney recommended that they file a Chapter 7. Unfortunately, the attorney told them that they would have to lose their vehicle, their boat, and their camper as well. Because they didn’t like this scenario, they started looking around for another lawyer to speak with so that they could obtain a second opinion. It’s a very good thing that they did.

When you go to an attorney, you should find out if the attorney has all the tools in his toolbox to take on your situation. So, what questions should you ask? Simply this: How many Chapter 7 cases and Chapter 13 cases have you filed in the last 12 months?

This simple question will reveal to you instantly whether or not this attorney has the kind of experience in both of the chapters that consumers typically file so that you can be relatively certain that you will receive good advice.

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