Understanding Your Rights During Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Attorney

Imagine sitting around the dinner table with your family for some quality time over a meal together. Then – ring! – suddenly the phone lines are off the hook. Unfortunately, falling behind on your payments can trigger your creditors to come after you. From harassment to scare tactics, creditors will do anything to get you to pay even if you can’t. Some resort to wage garnishment, ruthlessly coming after your money without your best interest in mind. So how can you stop wage garnishment and protect your other rights?

How a Bankruptcy Attorney Can Protect You

While it’s legal and possible to file for bankruptcy on your own, hiring a bankruptcy attorney provides many benefits that go beyond the process of filing for bankruptcy itself. A Cincinnati bankruptcy attorney can also protect your rights from creditors mercilessly chasing your hard-earned money through harassment and wage management. Rights that a bankruptcy attorney helps you experience include:

· Automatic stay. This alone is enough to stop most creditors from continuously calling and harassing you. Furthermore, this can also stop wage garnishment and ensure that you see the money that you’ve worked for.
· Reaffirmation. By reaffirming your debts, you can protect your assets during bankruptcy and ensure that you keep your home, car, and other valuables after your bankruptcy filing.

When automatic stay goes into effect, you’ll enjoy the immediate benefits of stopping wage garnishment. Now, you’ll be able to enjoy your paycheck and manage your money how you see fit. Whether it’s prioritizing your bills or staying current on payments, stopping wage garnishments gives you greater financial freedom.

However, while working with a bankruptcy attorney protects your rights during bankruptcy, it’s also important to be aware of the exceptions. When it comes to automatic stay, not everything is protected by this provision. While wage garnishment and harassing phone calls might be stopped, automatic stay does nothing for any domestic support obligations. These include but are not limited to child support and alimony. Furthermore, it’s important to remember that automatic stay ends once the bankruptcy is discharged.

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