Unemployment, Injury, And Bankruptcy

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In many cases a job loss can lead to unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefits cover a calculated amount of your wage loss for a determined number of weeks to help while you look for another job. If you quit your job due to an injury then you will usually not be able to collect these benefits for a few reasons. The criteria for unemployment benefit eligibility will vary from one state to the next so it is important to find out what this criteria is in your state.


As a general rule unemployment benefits will only cover an involuntary job loss, which means that you lost your job for reasons beyond your control. Quitting a job is generally deemed within your control unless there are extenuating circumstances which make the job intolerable, such as unsafe working conditions or harassment on the job. If you decide to quit simply because you are no longer satisfied with the job or for other personal reasons then unemployment benefits will be denied in most states.


Injured Individuals May Not Qualify For Unemployment Benefits


In most states the conditions for receiving unemployment benefits is that you are able to work and seeking full time employment. If you are injured on the job then workers compensation insurance should cover most of your lost wages due to the injury, as well as all of the medical bills for the work related injuries.


If you are injured and the injury does not occur as a result of your job then workers compensation will not cover the wages or medical bills. In addition you will usually not qualify for unemployment if you quit due to your injury because you voluntarily quit and the injury means that you are not able to accept a full time job that is comparable to the job you quit.


Bankruptcy Can Provide Debt Relief During Unemployment


If you are injured and facing financial difficulties you may not be eligible for unemployment but there are solutions available. Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help eliminate most if not all of your debt and ensure that you get a fresh financial start. An off the job injury or a job loss can devastate your financial situation and fast action is needed to contain the damage.


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