What About The Bankruptcy Trustee?

Bankruptcy Attorney Dayton, Oh

Most people when they enter into a bankruptcy action they are frustrated, distraught and just looking forward to the financial pressures being lifted. c Others look at the trustee as their enemy who is going to take everything they own away from them.

Whose Side?

The reality is the bankruptcy trustee is a professional who has the responsibility of seeing that the laws for this form of debt relief are adhered to.

The resource that you need is a qualified and experienced bankruptcy lawyer that can see your rights under these same laws are being protected. There are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to bankruptcy and your trustee is going to be focused on these. Your legal counsel will make you aware of them so you won’t run into difficulties. There are some actions however, that people take prior to going bankrupt that can be potentially harmful for them.

Some people will transfer property they own into someone else’s name prior to going bankrupt. This can raise a red flag with your trustee. It could lead him to believe that you are not using bankruptcy as your only recourse to becoming debt free. Instead you are using this as means of getting out of paying your debt obligations. Be sure to inform your Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyer of any actions you have taken that might have any type of effect on a positive outcome for your bankruptcy proceedings.

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