What Information Will I Need to Provide for My Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Attorney Dayton, Oh

You are going to have to gather a lot of pertinent information for your Bankruptcy no matter whether you are going for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.  You will need some of this information to rely on for filling out the forms that you need to file. You will also need some of the documents for the bankruptcy procedure. Your Cincinnati bankruptcy attorney will assist you with this.

It will begin with having to provide personal information. This aside from your full name and your current address will also include the last four digits of your Social Security numbers. If you have used any other names within the last eight years you will have to list these.  You will have to provide information about your spouse and the ages of your children if this is applicable. Then you will need to provide the names and contact information of your employers.

Income and Expenses:

You need to gather all the proof of your income that you can. This may be an employer statement or paystubs. Then you need your most recent tax return.  The requirement is that you file proof of income and submit your tax return 60 days prior to your income filing. You will be required to fill out an income form that will want information about all source earnings for the past two years. All of your expenses will have to be listed.

Assets and debts:

You will need to list everything your own and valuate it. Then a list of your debt with all the pertinent information such as account number and contact information for the creditor, plus whether you intend to pay them.

Any financial transactions that you have been involved in within the last few years will also have to be reported.

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