What does Chapter 7 bankruptcy involve?

Bankruptcy Attorney Dayton, Oh


The chapter 7 case really begins before you file the bankruptcy petition. You will generally want to use an experienced bankruptcy attorney to assist you, because the paperwork is quite involved and complicated. Also, it is important to understand the effect that filing a bankruptcy will have on all of the areas of your life. So, careful planning is essential to successful bankruptcy case.
You will generally provide the attorney with a written list of your debts, your income tax returns, deeds to real estate, titles to cars, and other documents as well as a complete list of your income and expenses, as well. The attorney will take this information and prepare the bankruptcy petition using official forms. This information will be reviewed with you to make sure that is complete and accurate. You and your attorney will sign the petition and it will be filed in court.
About eight weeks later, you and your attorney will appear in from the bankruptcy trustee who will ask you questions under oath to verify that the information in the petition is complete and accurate.

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