How Do I Know When My Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is Finished?

Bankruptcy Attorney

Knowing when your chapter 7 bankruptcy is finished is important information. It’s a question poised to experienced bankruptcy attorneys in Dayton, OH all the time. You’ll know when the Bankruptcy Court has finished your Chapter 7 bankruptcy case when you receive a copy of the discharge papers from the Bankruptcy Court Clerk. This could happen in as fast as 90 days from the day you filed your bankruptcy petition. Trust that both your bankruptcy attorney and the bankruptcy trustee will keep you abreast of changes in your case, such as if a creditor files an objection or some other action has been taken by the trustee. Additionally, the trustee may contact you with requests for more information or documentation. Obviously, you want to respond as quickly as possible in these instances in order to keep your case moving forward. You can also stay apprised of the process of your individual bankruptcy case using the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER).

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcies are typically faster and easier than Chapter 13 bankruptcies and are usually finished up within 6 months. Things that can slow down your Chapter 7 bankruptcy and subsequently, your bankruptcy discharge, include having non-exempt property that needs to be sold by the trustee or if a creditor files an objection to the discharge of a certain debt. By working with a bankruptcy attorney to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy you’ll be prepared to deal with creditor objections or request to lift the automatic stay of your case in order to repossess collateral.

Ohio Bankruptcy Discharge

The Ohio bankruptcy discharge is perhaps the most important portion of Chapter 7 bankruptcy, as it is the ruling that your debts included in your bankruptcy case are no longer legally enforceable. This means that a creditor can’t file a lawsuit against you or continue collection attempts for any discharged debt.

So, the answer to your question, “How Do I Know When My Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is Finished?” is: you’ll receive your discharge paperwork at your bankruptcy attorney’s office in 120 – 180 days from the time your bankruptcy lawyer files your Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition. This is, of course, assuming that you don’t have any property the bankruptcy has to sell and that none of your creditors, or the trustee for that matter, object to your discharge of debt.

In situations where you’re worried about having to give up the property, are trying to stop a foreclosure, or wish to keep creditors away from garnishing wages and bank accounts you need a bankruptcy attorney in Cincinnati to protect your rights.

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