Can bankruptcy improve my credit?

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Many people stress over the effects debt and bankruptcy will have on their credit. The truth is that you can actually improve your credit with a bankruptcy discharge.

Video transcript:

Bankruptcy can improve your credit. Let me repeat that, bankruptcy can actually improve your credit. You May find this difficult to believe – so please hear me out.


Most of the folks I counsel don’t even ask me how a bankruptcy might affect their credit score. They silently assume that if they have to file bankruptcy their credit will be trashed forever. After all, this is what they’ve been told all their lives, and it seems to make sense, after all, who would give a person credit if they file bankruptcy?


Well, if you think this, I’ve got great news, backed up by decades of experience and over 11,000 success stories.


The truth is, it doesn’t have to be this way. Years ago I went through my own financial disaster, broke my back, couldn’t work, couldn’t pay my bills,

I was worse than broke, I was head over heels drowning in debt, I got sued, my credit was ruined. But,  I knew what to do. And I rebuilt my credit. And you can too.


Since then – I’ve taught my bankruptcy clients how to recover as well. The process is not hard, it’s simple, in fact. But, nobody seems to know the secret. In fact, most people never even try to rebuild their credit. They accept defeat – and its really sad, – because it doesn’t have to be this way.


I see people every day who file bankruptcy with other attorneys and get no instruction, get no guidance, no counseling, no assistance whatsoever on their credit. And, as a result, they now have no credit, or bad credit.


I know bankruptcy attorneys who refuse to help their clients recover their credit and correct all of the errors on their credit reports that are always present after bankruptcy is filed. Not my job, they say. That’s credit counseling, not bankruptcy law.And, you know, in a way, they’re right.


I know, and over  11,000 of my clients are proof of this, that if you take certain steps, do certain things, in the proper order, and with the correct timing, that you can clean up the credit report. You can have good credit.


In fact, my clients are getting credit scores of 650, 700, 750, even over 800 in as little as a year after their bankruptcy discharge is over.What does this mean to you?


Well, how about saving nearly $6000 on every single car you bought? That’s right, even on a modest car loan of $10,000 the difference in the amount of interest that you pay can be nearly $6000, over $100 per month, on your payment. Depending, of course, on your interest rate. Your Interest rate – of course depends on your credit score.


That’s how critical your financial future and credit score is to you. So, if you’re considering bankruptcy to deal with your difficult debt problems and you thought the bad credit was part of the price it have to pay, think again.


In fact, bankruptcy can actually be the first step to better credit future than you ever thought you would have.




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