Building Your Credit after Bankruptcy

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Once your bankruptcy has been fully discharge the first thing you want to do is breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you no longer have to worry about who’s on the other end of the phone when it rings, or whose knocking at your door looking for money.

Considering Credit

After this settle down time passes you really need to consider rebuilding your credit following your bankruptcy. You want to begin doing this probably about six months after your discharge by applying for an unsecured credit card. Don’t be disappointed if you get turned down by several of the card entities that you approach which is because of your bankruptcy. You will be able to find some that will give you a card however the interest rate will be extremely high.

You really need to be smart when using this card. No matter what the circumstance is don’t put any more than $100 charge on this card. As soon as you get the bill make sure it that you pay the credit card off in full.

Another alternative to the credit card is applying for a gas or retail store card. In most cases they are far more lenient to giving out their cards to those that don’t have a good credit rating.

Approximately a year after your bankruptcy has been completed you could apply for an unsecured loan between $1,000 and $2,000. Again be very astute at paying this loan back as the whole purpose of this is to build your credit rating to a good standing and a strong one.

Make sure that you constantly check your credit bureau reports to make sure that they are accurate as it has been known that discharge debts can reappear on your credit report and these should not be there. Also, if you are just considering bankruptcy as a debt relief option be sure to speak to a your Dayton bankruptcy lawyer about your case.

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