About Bankruptcy Hardship Discharges

Bankruptcy Attorney

The courts normally are compelled to follow a timetable. In some circumstances this can create an even greater hardship for the individual making application. Your bankruptcy lawyer will know the legal technicalities regarding a bankruptcy hardship discharge. This is applicable to the Chapter 13 bankruptcy rulings. On rare occasions a petition will be made during a Chapter 13 reorganization case for the debtor to be granted a Cincinnati bankruptcy before he has honored all of the payments agreed upon in the payment plan.

When You Can’t Pay

A person’s circumstance can change however, and perhaps the original plan under the Chapter 13 filing is no longer workable. The courts will sometimes take this into consideration, but there will have to be some mitigating circumstances. It will be determined if the payments already made would be equal to what would have been allotted under a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. Rather than going for the bankruptcy hardship discharge, the courts may try to make modifications to the Chapter 13 ruling to make it easier on the debtor. This area of the law can be very complex and will need to be handled by a bankruptcy lawyer if there is any hope of success in its implementation. The bankruptcy laws can be difficult to understand just as the various procedures are that have to be followed. For this reason having experienced legal counsel makes the process easier.

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