Debt Collection Don’ts

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Being behind on your debt payments can be tricky, especially when debt collectors get involved. While you may be tempted to hang up and ignore the call, there actually is good reason to answer: finding out who claims you owe them money. Once you have asked about the source of the debt, be sure to avoid these mistakes:

Give more information — one of the biggest signs of a collection scam is being asked multiple or probing questions by the collector. You can verify you are the person they are seeking to speak with, but do not give a collector any additional information about yourself or your account.

Pay without verifying the debt — many people take collectors at their word regarding an owed debt. You have the right to request written verification of the alleged debt before being held liable for payment. Debt collectors are required to provide you with verification, but you should also request a copy from your creditor directly.

Give payment or bank information — another sign of a scam is asking for payment information over the phone. While there are some legitimate collectors that can be trusted with your payment information over the phone, it is a much better idea to only pay by check through the mail.

Pay the third party — debt collectors do serve a function, but they really don’t need to be a part of the equation when you get ready to resolve your debt. Contact your creditor directly to negotiate your debt and payment terms, making your payment directly to their office.

Dealing with debt collectors can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. The Ohio bankruptcy process can offer you protection from collectors, notices of collection and threats of repossession.

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