Don’t Date Debt This Valentine’s Day

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Whether you opt out of the so-called Hallmark holiday of Valentine’s Day or you plan to embrace the day for a celebration of your significant other, there are some smarter money strategies to be had this day and every day of the year. This year, make the commitment to not date debt! Don’t use that credit card for an expensive gift or luxury meal, instead try one of these creative yet thrifty ideas for a date night:

Dinner and at a movie at home — you might be surprised to learn that most people prefer a quiet evening and home over the crowded scene of a local restaurant. With so many people fighting the lines to get a nice table, you can enjoy a meal and movie at home. If you are looking for a nice meal many grocery stores and organic food eaters offer catering or take out, saving you money!

Find a historic or unique venue —  many art museums and historical venues around the city stay open late on holidays like Valentine’s day. Check your city’s visitors bureau for ideas of local spots that are both unique and affordable. Not only with your date remember a special evening, but your credit card will thank you.

Try a craft or pottery class — while making pots or art isn’t necessarily your idea of fun, you will have fun as long as you are with your special person. Classes  like these are fun and easy on the wallet. Even better, Groupon and other social coupon sites frequently run specials for these type of classes. So get do something different while having fun and staying out of credit debt.

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