How to Handle Your Debt Collectors in a Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Attorney

Nobody likes to get up every morning knowing that they are in great financial difficulty. Most often this means that they have to deal with debt collectors and creditors on a daily basis. The phone doesn’t stop ringing with demands for payment. The mail box is full with past due notices and most probably threats of legal action. The pressures that uncontrolled debt creates can be horrendous.

Bankruptcy is usually the best solution for this type of situation. There are various forms of bankruptcy that you may be eligible for, but using a Fairfield Bankruptcy lawyer will help you determine which one you qualify for, and how to go through the process.

In the meantime you still have to deal with your creditors. You need to know what your rights are when it comes to their collection tactics. Your creditors have the right to try and collect their money, but they do not have the right to harass or threaten you. If their threats are on legal grounds then they have the right to inform you that they are going to take legal action. They are not allowed to intimidate you or be verbally abusive.

You need to discuss with your attorney the types of actions your creditors are taking in regards to their collections. Once you file for bankruptcy all of your listed creditors will be advised of your filing. Their collections usually have to stop at this point.  If they have legal recourses they can take they may petition the courts for permission to proceed with this, but once again your legal counsel will take control of this and follow through with the appropriate steps.

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