Ohio Debt Reduction and Waiver Program Begins for Drivers

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The new Ohio debt reduction and waiver program were launched on January 31st, 2019 by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles to help drivers get their Ohio driver’s license back. The program will help reduce or waive debt owed by drivers to help individuals whose driver’s license is suspended due non-payment of fees for certain violations. The amnesty initiative was launch, no doubt, in response to the growing number of Ohioans who have lost their license due to inability to pay their fines, yet need to drive to earn a living.

Qualifying for Ohio BMV Amnesty Program

For some Ohio residents who are struggling with debt, a large Ohio court fee is unpayable. Recognizing this, the BMV initiate the amnesty plan to offer either a reduction or full waiver of payments to eligible drivers. The eligibility requirements include:

  • Reduction of Fees: Complete all court-ordered sanctions such as driving school and 18 months must have expired since the end period of suspension.
  • Waiver of Fees: Complete all court-ordered sanctions and proof of indigence. Proof of indigence consists of a screenshot of an individual’s dashboard on the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services Benefits Self-Service Portal.
  • To qualify for the amnesty program, drivers must pay any court costs assisted with their driver’s license suspension, but not motor vehicle fees, including reinstatement fees.

State of Ohio BMV Amnesty Initiative

The amnesty program which will run for six months until July 21, 2019, is expected to help the over 400,000 residents who struggle to pay BMV fees to reinstate their driver’s privileges and has already assisted over 1,000 drivers with wiping out debt and getting their license back.

Ohio Bankruptcy as an Alternative

For those individuals who don’t meet the eligibility requirements set out by the new BMV debt reduction and waiver program, an Ohio bankruptcy may be a logical alternative. By filing for bankruptcy protection, you may be able to eliminate the debt that prevents you from having your driver’s license reinstated. If you are struggling with hopeless debt, contact a Cincinnati bankruptcy attorney today to evaluate your finances and discover if bankruptcy is the answer to your debt problems.

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