Too Much Debt and Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Attorney

We get behind in our debt in a number of ways. Job loss, divorce, or illness are the three main reasons. Also, it could just have been mismanagement of your money or an unexpected large expense that puts you behind and struggle to catch up.

Overwhelming Debt

If you are having trouble making your minimum monthly payment or paying your bills with your credit cards, or maybe you’re getting payday loans to cover your monthly expenses? You may want to consider bankruptcy.

Borrowing money to get out of debt is a slippery slope to ruin your financial health and possibly the relationship of the family or friend you borrowed from. If you are avoiding phone calls, or not opening your mail from people or agencies, you owe money to, that can be a sign your debt is unmanageable.

Creditors Phone Calls

When creditors are calling your family members and work, it can be embarrassing. If bill collectors call you at work, you can request they stop contacting you there, and they are supposed to stop calling.

If you are facing foreclosure or locking your car in the garage, so the repo man doesn’t get it, you might need to talk to a bankruptcy attorney.

If you are so behind you can’t possibly see how you will be able to catch up and stay current on your debt and living expenses. Contact a Cincinnati bankruptcy attorney to discuss how you can legally eliminate your qualifying debt and get a fresh financial start.

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