Ways To Stop Debt Collections

Bankruptcy Attorney Dayton, Oh

If you have ever missed a payment on a debt you know all too well how quickly the creditors can start calling. Multiple calls a day, letters of harassment, and notices of credit reporting are all tactics you might have experienced. If you are tired of the debt collection calls, here are a few ways to stop them:

1. Answer the call — you can’t resolve your delinquent debt if you don’t know who is trying to collect. While you certainly don’t have to negotiate or even pay the third party debt collector directly, you should ask them who the original lender is and for a debt verification letter to prove the debt exists.

2. Contact your lender — even if your account has been handed over to a debt collector you have the right to negotiate and pay your lender directly. Arrange a payment plan with your lender directly and send proof of this plan to the third party if they refuse to accept your verbal instruction to stop calling.

3. Tell them to stop calling — you have the right to ask a collector to stop calling you under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If the collector continues to harass you report them to the  Federal Trade Commission.

4.  Consult with an attorney — if you cannot get the debt collections to stop or can’t afford to resolve your debt, contact a bankruptcy attorney in Cincinnati OH. Your attorney can file a  motion  to halt collection actions against you while you work towards a debt relief solution.

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