When Debt Negotiations Fail

Bankruptcy Attorney

If you have been unsuccessful when trying other methods to pay down your debt if working with your creditors didn’t work due to you being unable to keep up with the payments or creditors being inflexible. It may be time to speak with a bankruptcy attorney to see what your options are.

Debt Negotiations

Even when you are doing everything right and making the regular payments according to the plan worked out for you, creditors may still file a lawsuit against you. Sometimes they decide they are tired of waiting for their money or don’t want to settle for a lesser amount and file a preemptive lawsuit.

Credit Counseling

If maintaining the terms in an approved credit counseling program became too difficult for you and you fell behind in the scheduled payments, you may find yourself back where you started. Still in debt and no relief in sight.

Borrowing From Family

When borrowing money from friends and family or choosing debt consolidation loans proved just to add another bill to pay, you may need to seriously consider filing bankruptcy to get a fresh start.

If you have exhausted all the possibilities of getting out of debt and you are receiving creditors harassing phone calls and letters, or worse yet maybe legal actions are pending against you, please call a Cincinnati bankruptcy attorney and get the protection you need from a bankruptcy court.

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