Who Is Most Likely To Go Bankrupt?

Bankruptcy Attorney

When most Americans think of bankruptcy protection they think of people like Donald Trump. Big business leaders who over extend their companies and then when things go bad they run to the courts to seek protection from creditors. Or they think of big multinationals like the Auto makers who find themselves in similar situations.

The fact of the matter is that the most likely person to file for bankruptcy in the U.S today is the everyday person who lives next door to you. The most typical person to file for bankruptcy protection is a blue collar, lower middle class, high school graduate who has a family. This person will typically have a large amount of outstanding credit from credit card companies, car loans and mortgages.

Research has shown that these factors, the high level of credit, coupled with an unforeseen emergency whether the loss of a job, a medical emergency or some other unexpected event usually preceding the seeking of Dayton, OH bankruptcy protection. Of course, there may be other factors that play into every personal story but these seem to be the main preceptors of filing for protection.

There are a variety of economical and institutional factors that also play a large part in the rising rate of bankruptcies in the U.S and they must always be considered as well, but the current research seems to show that the average American is the one who is doing the most suffering. The real question is what we do to stem the tide and reverse this course. How we do that remains to be seen. Be sure to seek out a qualified bankruptcy attorney in Dayton Ohio if you are going to use this form of debt relief.

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